March 3, 2006


The new B05 edition of the




is now available


This is the second soft-copy edition to be offered - all previous Studies were hard-copy, published twice yearly from 1970, corresponding to the Australian mid-winter and mid-summer monitoring seasons.


The Study is a comprehensive PROFESSIONAL summary of observed spectrum occupancy and propagation modes in the frequency range 5700-12500 kHz for the time period 0000-0400 UTC. Several hundred entries are included, with this reception span corresponding to late morning, midday, and early afternoon, when unusual propagation often occurs.


The data is based on observations of HF Broadcasting (HFBC) stations made here in Melbourne and nearby Field Sites during the course of the B05 transmission season, from October 27, 2005 until February 28, through the declining phase of Sunspot Cycle 23.


Much of the data in the Study is sourced from a professionally-based engineering project commissioned to me by an international broadcasting organization. It extends to several hundred entries, and is offered as a MS-Office 2003 Excel file, and will be sent as an E-mail attachment, of approximately 500 KB.


All entries are colour-coded, to assist in viewing.


The Study comprises these Sections:



- Scope of Study

- Receiving equipment and antennas used



- Frequency

- Transmitter country and site

- Organisation/studio/station

- Reception times: fade-in and fade-out spans

- Languages

- Highlighted entries for special propagation modes from Asia-Pacific and deep South America

- - ITU country codes for transmitter locations



- Propagation analysis and discussion


Field Sites

- Listing of Field Monitoring Sites

- Photographs of selected Field Monitoring Sites


Listing of Broadcasters, with Abbreviations


The document is not protected and the data may be sorted, rearranged, filtered, or printed as desired by the user.


It is for personal non-commercial use, and may not be further distributed, quoted, or copied.


The Study is free to ANYONE.


The next Study will be published during August, 2006, for the Australian winter season, for the same frequency range and time span.


If you would like a copy of the Study, please E-mail me (Bob Padula), go back to the EDXP Home Page  and send your request through the Feedback Box!


Bob Padula