By Hans Kiesinger, Queensland, Australia
Not having had much luck with various home-brew antennas since the retirement village ruling forced me to take down my Vertical, I got myself a CliffDweller II Antenna System from the USA. I must admit, I am delighted with this system which is a Helical antenna of 130 ft of coiled wire which will operate from a compressed size of only 14 ft long to an extended length of 50 ft.

This was designed and developed by "Hams helping Hams" a St.Louis Amateur Radio Club, and works from 6 thru 80 meters with a suitable antenna tuner. I have put it up in a very wide V arrangement stretched to 50 ft over a width of about. 10 meters and only about. 2.3 m above ground. Tuner is an MFJ-945B.
This antenna can also be used for transmitting and has a power rating of QRP to 100 Watts.

Reception has improved dramatically as compared to the former 20 mb Dipole plus a 40m long wire but I have still some problems in the lower frequencies (4 MHz) due noise and also above 21 Mhz. there isn't much to be heard but this seems the present situation.

It is a very well made antenna and I wonder whether any other member has it in use and with what experience. Anybody interested can contact the makers at

Hans Kiesinger, Queensland, AustraliaVK4/HE9RFF ex-HS1ALK

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