The EDXP Magazine Survey!

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Welcome to our second "EDXP Member Survey", which invites you to tell us what your favourite sections of the EDXP on-line Magazine are.

We need to find out which elements of the Magazine are the most popular, and which are the least favored, and we need your assistance to do this!

This Survey is a multiple-choice program, which allows you to "vote" for as many of the items as you wish.

Your replies will be taken into account when determining the content of future Magazines.

You may view the responses by clicking on the Link "View Stats" at the bottom of the Survey Form!

Your replies are anonymous, but please feel free to tell us privately about how you regard the Magazine, by E-mailing us at

1. There are actually TWO Surveys - one for our Australian members, and one for members outside of Australia. Only ONE survey will be shown on this page at any given time! The alternative Survey will be shown to you on a random basis when you re-load this page!

2. The system will prevent you from voting more than once on any given day for each Survey

3. Please do not vote more than once

4. Please vote
ONLY for the Survey applicable to your area of the world!
Enjoy, and have fun!

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