Centenary of the O'Shannassy Water Supply System - 1913 to 2013 - a Pictorial Heritage

1928 - The O'Shannassy Reservoir

1803 - Beginnings
1892 - Surrey Hills Reservoirs
1911 - Design and Construction
1911 - The O'Shannassy Weir
1914 - Maintenance and Operations
1923 - Bushfires, Landslips, and Floods
1924 - Modifications and Enlargements
1927 - Silvan Dam
1927 - Mt Evelyn Aqueduct
1928 - The O'Shannassy Reservoir
1929 - Upper Yarra Conduits
1931 - Silvan Inlet Aqueduct
1996 - Decommissioning
2006 - Pigging Project
2007 - O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Overview
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Parrot Rd to Don Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Don Road to Dee Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Dee Rd to Sussex St
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Sussex St to Yuonga Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Yuonga Rd to Donna Buang Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Donna Buang Rd to Cement Creek Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Cement Creek Rd to the Weir
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Offtake in 1955

The Reservoir in 2006

The Lodge in 2008

O'Shannassy River, from Management Rd 17 (2012)

Locked gate to O'Shannassy Rd, at Wood's Point Rd (2012)

1928 - The O'Shannassy Reservoir

The Reservoir
This was built in 1928, about 2 km upstream from the Weir, which was then closed.

There are very few historical or contemporary images available, and there is no public access to the Reservoir.

It is essentially a diversionary dam, and in times of high inflow from the catchment, increased overflow (spills) go into the O'Shannassy River, and then into the Yarra.

The present-day O'Shannassy unsealed 5 km vehicular road from the Wood's Point Rd was built by the MMBW to faciltate the movement of materials to the construction site, replacing an old timber logging track further to the west. The present-day bridge at the Wood's Point Rd as builtat the same time.

Stream flow into the Reservoir is about 80,000 ML/annum, and daily output is about 3,100 ML.

O'Shannassy Lodge
Set in a lawned clearing amid pristine bush, O'Shannassy Lodge was built about 1915 by the now defunct Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works to house engineers building the nearby O'Shannassy Reservoir

It was later transformed into a special retreat for Board of Works commissioners. A short history of the lodge recalls "hints of controversy over what some saw as a costly luxury" for MMBW chiefs.

So luxurious was it that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip stayed there for a few days during a royal visit in 1954, the Queen in room 10 and the Prince in an adjoining room.

Yet, tucked away behind a locked gate and up a five-kilometre bush track, the lodge is all but unknown to the wider community.

The Lodge is now leased to a private organization as a rehabilitation centre and public vehicle access is prohibited, except on Sundays when approved visitors may drive through the gate, from the Woods Point Rd, with a special electronic passcard.

Pedestrian acress is allowed at any time, on any day, and it's a 5 km walk to the Centre.

Following Rd 1, about 2 km from the start, a junction is reached at Rd 17, also accessible to walkers, which leads to the O'Shannassy Lodge, about 1 km further on.

The O'Shannassy River is crossed not far from this junction

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From 1928, water from the Reservoir flowed into the Aqueduct, bypassing the Weir .
Water from the Reservoir now flows in two underground pipes to the Yarra Silvan and Upper Yarra Conduits, and then on to the Silvan Reservoir,  and are collectively referred to as the O'Shannassy Outlet Mains, known as M230 and M301 respectively.
M301, built in 1940, was the original 3 km channel which carried water from the O'Shannassy Aqueduct to the Upper Yarra Conduit. Only 2.4 km of the original M301 channel remains in service, as 600 m was abandoned in 1996 when the Aqueduct was decommissioned..
M301 is a 1150 mm diam welded mild steel pipe, enamel-lined.
M230 was built in 1965 and is 1150 mm diam, 4 km length.
These are the onlly two outlets of the Reservoir.


Directions, on Management Rd 17 (2012)

Old pipes,on Management Rd 17 (2012)

O'Shannassy River, Management Rd 17 (2012)

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