General Information

THE ELECTRONIC DX PRESS RADIO MONITORING ASSOCIATION  formed in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia, is a society to bring together relevant information about World Radio High Frequency Broadcasting, and Australian domestic broadcasting, in a structured and timely manner. Information is contributed by individual members or researched by the EDXP Administration from many sources. It operates on the premise that the sum of pooled information is much greater than individual parts!

EDXP is a global community, offering a very wide range of hard and soft-copy services.

Please go to What EDXP Does for further details!

Members are located around the world, with about one third in Australia; EDXP could not exist without regular participation (sharing by posting) to our various Forums and services..

Membership is available in one of two categories:

Available only to individuals. The fee is A$10 annually (or US$10).

No fee payable. Available only to approved organisations. These memberships are also known as "Exchanges" and include hobby monitoring organisations, broadcasting stations, frequency managers, publishers, booksellers, commercial radio/electronics publications and magazines, media writers. Corporate members are obliged to provide copies of their hard and/or soft copy publications regularly, or other information which they may produce.



  • Electronic delivery of the EDXP WORLD BROADCASTING MAGAZINE (every one or two weeks).
  • Electronic delivery of EDXP ANNOUNCEMENTS, providing news about the Association (generally weekly or more frequently as required).
    Full access to the EDXP-NEWSPLUS service
    Full access to the members-only EDXP RESOURCE-LIBRARY Website
  • Full access to any new ELECTRONIC SERVICES which may be released from time to time
  • Australian members receive a printed Price List via postal mail twice a year of publications available for purchase
WORLD BROADCASTING MAGAZINE This is sent via E-mail about every one or two weeks, professionally compiled, and covers important news and stories about shortwave broadcasting and associated technology developments, sourced from our professional contacts and corporate affiliates, supplemented by timely articles contributed by members. News about Australian domestic radio is also provided.

EDXP-FORUM This is our main E-mailed message network, with a Web-based searching and archival feature. It covers world shortwave broadcasting, associated technology developments, receivers, receiving antennas, propagation, geophysical/solar data, QSLs, new stations, new schedules, monitoring summaries, computer support, Australian domestic radio news, and a whole lot more! Supported by fast global servers!

EDXP-NEWSPLUS This is a new service, where carefully selected items about world broadcasting, digital transmission, and Australian domestic radio, from thousands of wire services and newsfeeds, are sent via E-mail to all members.


All private members are obliged to submit comments, opinions, and information as often as possible.

NO PUBLIC POSTINGS.. The World Broadcasting Magazine and associated information is not posted on public access servers
Prior to joining, prospective members are obliged to register their interest in the Association, by submitting the following personal details: their real name, their full postal address, their E-mail address, their contact telephone number, and their year-of-birth. Anyone submitting a Registration of Interest will will be sent a complimentary copy, via E-mail, of the latest edition of the World Broadcasting Magazine, with all necessary details as to how the membership fee may be paid. You can go now  to the Register an Interest page!
PRIVACY. Personal details submitted to support the enrolment process will not be made available to other parties.
SUPPORT INFORMATION. On joining, and from time to time, Australian members will be sent, via postal mail, details of publications and references which may be purchased at nominal charges. See our Publications page at Publications
CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS. Many organisations enjoy Corporate Membership of EDXP, and are entitled to reuse material sourced to EDXP, with the exception of items designated as "Copyright". The further distribution of EDXP material by organisations and individuals who are not Affiliates is not allowed, unless permission has been received from the individual authors.
COPYRIGHT All articles and stories published or distributed by the EDXP are subject to international copyright conventions, and in conformance with the "Australian Copyright Act". All articles and stories submitted to EDXP remain the property of the authors, who are deemed to have "assigned" non-exclusive rights to the EDXP for republication. This obliges members NOT to repost any information published by EDXP on public access messaging systems, without specific permission from the author(s).
EDXP BACKGROUND. is a non-commercial, hobby venture, convened by Bob Padula, of Melbourne, Australia. The small annual membership fee assists in recovery of necessary operating expenses, including Internet costs, Domain registration, Domain maintenance, direct telecommunications' charges and subscriptions to monitoring organisations.

There are no Committees, Councils or Constitutions, and the EDXP Charter is essentially one of a friendly community.

Members with suitable experience, skills, knowledge and interest may assume the role of Moderator, of any of our Messaging Forums

Bob is a Consultant Professional Communications Engineer, and a freelance technical writer, and he's been actively involved with the radio monitoring (DXing) movement in editorial, or managerial capacities, for some 43 years. He holds the Australian Government Award of the Medal of the Order of Australia, (OAM) for services rendered in a voluntary capacity to shortwave radio. Here is a link to his Autobiography