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SHORTWAVE RECEPTION (Deutsche Welle) A brand-new new book! A5, 100 pages, extensively illustrated. Covers: SW propagation, antennas, receivers, frequency planning, reception tips, propagation, reception reporting, QSLs, and lots more! In English, German, French and Spanish. An ideal ”starter “ reference!

Price: A$5

SPECTRUM OCCUPANCY CHART (EDXP). A3 landscape chart, intended for manual insertion of monitoring data in bar graph format, customisable by the user. May be photo-copied as required. Package of five.

Price: A$3 (package of five)

RECEPTION REPORTING LOG (EDXP). An A4 landscape chart, to record details of reception reports sent for QSLs. The charts may be photocopied as needed, and inserted into a binder. Package of ten.

Price: A$5 (package of ten)

LIST OF RADIO COUNTRIES (European DX Council). 24 pages A4. Extensive information on classification of radio countries for reception reporting, plus World Map of ITU Zones.

Price: A$5

RECEPTION REPORTING GUIDE (European DX Council). 20 pages A4. How to compile reception reports for QSLs, templates in various languages.

Price: A$5

SHORTWAVE ANTENNA SYSTEMS (Jim Heck, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador). Characteristics and constructional details for various receiving antennas: Cubical Quad, End Feed “L”, 7-Band Ground Mounted Vertical, Single Band Dipole, Ground Mounted Single Band Vertical, Multi-Band Dipole. Directional Quad.

Price: A$2

AN INTRODUCTION TO SHORTWAVE RADIO (Rich McVicar, Radio Station HCJB, Ecuador). The SW bands, single sideband, tuning hints, best times to listen, international and tropical bands broadcasting, simple antennas, QSLs, reception reporting writing, Clubs, suppliers, organisations.

Price: A$2

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