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The Electronic DX Press, Melbourne, Australia, invites you to its new venture!

Our SHORTWAVE RADIO LOG is an on-line service, where ANYONE anywhere in the world, can share their news, logs, and messages about shortwave radio broadcasting.

There are no passwords and all that you need to do is to click on the
FORUM ICON below and you will be taken immediately to the RADIO LOG. You do NOT have to subscribe or join anything!

You then type your message in the window, preview it (if you need to!) and then send it - it will be transmitted to our host server and will be available in a few seconds for reading by anyone who visits this Page!

This new project from the EDXP is an attempt to provide an easy, quick, and simple means by which shortwave radio hobbyists around the world can share their monitoring notes, WITHOUT the bother of subscribing to "Lists" and "Groups"

Messages are not moderated, and all past messages can be viewed from this site.

* You have a maximum of 500 words for each message.
* Messages must relate to shortwave broadcasting (NOT longwave, mediumwave, utility or amateur)
* Racist, sexist, defamatory, or pornographic content is not permitted

Why not post a brief introduction about yourself into the LOG and see for yourself what happens?!!!

All you need to do is to CLICK on the FORUM ICON below and you will be taken immediately to the LOG.

With best regards from the Electronic DX Press in Melbourne, Australia!

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