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("The Australian Shortwave Club")

Shortwave Australia is a new Club, for Australian hobbyists interested in the reception of long-distance ("DX") radio broadcasts on the short-wave bands

It was founded on February 22, 2001

Membership is totally free, and members exchange information, news, and loggings via E-mail or the Web.

No membership fees!
A regular on-line magazine
Electronic transmission of information and news
Instantaneous delivery of postings from members
Web viewing/downloading of all past archived messages
Availability of print and soft-copy products and publications at prices a little above cost

New: Free classified advertisement service for pre-loved radio and electronic items!

Australian Radio Cybermart

SW-AUS is an evolving, friendly Club, using modern technology for the interchange of information and news amongst its members There are no office-bearers in SW-AUS. Neither are there any constitutions, committees, boards, councils, secretaries, presidents, treasurers nor any other assemblage of palace courtiers! There are no financial reports or formal meetings.

SW-AUS operates similarly to its highly successful and very popular sister Club "MEDIUMWAVE AUSTRALIA", and is within the global parent organization "THE ELECTRONIC DX PRESS".

It is a condition of membership that members contribute news and information from time to time.

All new members are sent a small price list of publications available from us. These are generally offered at a little above cost, as we are not a money-making entity, and no GST is charged.

Our publication list also includes these annual references from overseas:

World Radio TV Handbook
Passport to Worldband Radio
Klingenfuss Shortwave Frequency Guide
Klingenfuss Utility Guide
Klingenfuss Super Frequency List on CD-ROM
Domestic Broadcasting Survey (Danish Shortwave Club International)

For publications and pricing, please visit the

Electronic DX Press Home Page


Membership is available only to persons resident in Australia or its Territories. However, Associate Membership is available (free) to any organization anywhere in the world supporting shortwave radio distance monitoring. Associate members are obliged to provide reciprocal access to their products and services and will be listed on this Home Page

It is very easy to join! All you need to do is to end an E-mail with your real name, postal mailing address, E-mail address, and year of birth to the Club Convenor and you will be enrolled promptly. We are unable to accept applications from persons who decline to advise us of all of these details. Member addresses will not be divulged or made available to other parties without their prior consent. The Club's archived messages are only accessible to members, using a free password provided by the TOPICA.COM organization.

Membership Certificate will also be sent to each new members electronically, which contains their official Club Membership Number, date of enrollment, and real name.

Applications to join should be sent to:

Shortwave Australia

You may can also use this neat form to apply for membership:

Your full name:
Your email address: (e.g.:

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Postal Address:

State: Postcode:

Please advise your year-of-birth
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