Shortwave Australia
is the Australian sub-group of the (free) Electronic DX Press. Participation in SW-AUS requires membership with the EDXP (free). It is not possible to join SW-AUS independently

The group relies on postings from members for its success and advancement

Members are obliged to contribute from time to time to maintain their free membership

Postings may relate to any, or all, of the following:

* Reception notes (also known as "loggings"), given in ascending order of frequency (kHz for LW, MW, and SW, MHz for VHF), showing brief details of the reception, the date and time (UTC), and language

* QSLs (verifications of reception) received, showing station/organisation name, frequency, country of transmitter, elapsed time for the reply, verification signer (if known), return postage sent (if any), brief description of the QSL

* Spectrum Surveys - such as a study of a particular group of frequencies over a specified time period - country, station, time, language

* Comments about SW broadcasting

* New schedules

* Information from DX/SWL programs of international broadcasters

* Comments about publications and products

* Wanted-to-sell, Wanted-to-buy messages (radio related!)

NEW MEMBERS. Some information about yourself, where you live, your receiving equipment, how long you have been listening to shortwave

QSL ACHIEVEMENTS. The number of countries and stations verified (QSLs should be for frequencies not previously verified for any given station - duplicate frequencies not count)

POSTINGS. Messages should be sent to

Flaming/slagging of individuals will result in immediate suspension of membership from both EDXP and SW-AUS

ARCHIVES. Past messages may be viewed and/or retrieved at:

Members must have a free Topica password to read archived messages

Archived messages are not accessible to non-members


* Plain text (no HTML)
* No manual line breaks
* Wrap lines at 72 characters
* Compose using fixed-width font, 10 chars/inch
* No tabs
* No indentations
* Do NOT show "kHz", "MHz", "UTC", "GMT", "UT", "hours", "hrs". These are implied
* Do NOT show local time (all times, dates, and days are assumed to be UTC)
* Times should be shown as "2330" (not "23.30", "23:30"); "0115" (not "01.15", "01:15"; "0030" (not "2430", "00.30"; "00:30")
* Dates should be shown as "Feb-02" (not "2/3", "3/2", "2 February", "2 Feb", "Feb 2". Months are: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)


Please show your real name and location in each posting

These Guidelines may also be viewed or downloaded by anyone at:

They are also available via the Topica Archives

Bob Padula
Convenor - SW-AUS/EDXP
404 Mont Albert Rd, Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127, Australia

January 2002