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Near the Sugarloaf - February 2006
NOTE! Significant lightning activity on 1 December 2006 started numerous bushfires across north eastern Victoria and Gippsland which subsequently burnt more than 1 million hectares across the Great Divide including parts of the Alpine National Park.

Walks from Licola (255 km E)
Bryces Gorge - Pieman's Falls - Conglomerate Falls - Guy's Hut.  Circuit walk from the car park on the Mt Howitt Rd, 60 km north of Licola. This is in the high country around 1400m.  Superb views of the Gorge, Falls, and alpine meadows. (7 km, 3 hrs, Feb 2006).

McMillan's Walking Track - Sugarloaf Sector. Start/finish at small car park at Breakfast Creek,  on Tamboritha Rd, about 15 km north of Licola. Ascend track to saddle, at about 850m. Follow foot-track signed "Bourke St Track" (managed by a Melbourne school) to an open area and view-point overlooking the Sugarloaf summit. Backtrack to start of Bourke St Track, then follow the walking track north towards the Crinoline. Superb views of the Alpine country and the Macalister River Valley. This walk climbs from about 350m to  850m and is VERY steep. It should be undertaken only by people with a high level of fitness and well-developed navigation skills. (8 km, 3 hrs, Feb 2006).
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Wellington River Walk. Start/finish at small car park on Tamboritha Rd at Wellington River Bridge. Follow wallking track along the banks of the Wellington River to the junction of the Tarli Karn Walking Track. Return to start. Good views of the river and valley. (2 km, 30 mins, Feb 2006)
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Walks from Mt Hotham. (350 km NE)
Razorback Track - shorter loop. Start at car park near Diamantina Hut, on Great Alpine Rd. Follow track take left fork at hill, reaching Bon Accord Track turn-off. Continue north, descend very steeply down "Big Dipper", reaching main Razorback Track. Continue up another hill, reaching a saddle, about 3 km from start, and return via main Razorback Track. Superb views across the Alps. (6 km, 2 hrs, February 2004)
Razorback and Bon Accord Tracks. Start at car park near Diamantina Hut, Great Alpine Rd. Follow track, take left fork at hill, reaching Bon Accord Track turn-off. Descend Bon Accord Track to site of Johnson's Hut, return to Razorback Track junction. Continue north, descend very steeply down "Big Dipper", reaching main Razorback Track. Return to car park. Spectacular views, average elevation is 1720 m. (6 km, 2 hrs, December 2008)
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Mt. Loch and Derrick's Hut. Start at the Mt. Loch car park on the Great Alpine Rd. Follow signed tracks to Mt. Loch Summit and Derrick's Hut, return to start. Excellent views in all directions from Mt Loch, passing through Alpine meadows. (11 km, 4 hrs, February 2004)

Walks from Falls Creek. (300 km NE)
Mt Nelse and Johnston Hut. Access: Bogong High Plains Rd,  to small car park at signed turnoff to Mt. Nelse. Follow track to summit (1882m) and return. Magnificient views in all directions from Summit, Alpine meadows. (8 km, 3 hrs, January 2005)
Mt Cope and Wallace Hut. Access: Bogong High Plains Rd, to signed turn-off to Mt Cope. Follow track to summit (1837m) and Wallace Hut and return. Beautiful views across the High Plains, passing through Alpine meadows. (8 km, 3 hrs, January 2005)
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Falls Creek Waterfalls. The signed short track to the waterfalls starts on the Bogong High Plains Rd, near the southern entrance to the Village. Follow track to the falls. (The track continues to the Howman's Gap Resort, some sections are over boardwalks). Excellent views of the Falls and surrounding forest. (2 km, one hr, December 2010) 
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 Other Walks

Mountain Creek Forest. (320 km NE). Mt Beauty, Kiewa Valley Highway, Mountain Creek Rd, to picnic ground/car park. Follow signed tracks: Peppermint Track, Black Cockatoo Track, Fern Tree Track. Excellent forest, creeks, bridges, fern gullies. This forest is at the base of Mt Bogong, Victoria's highest peak. (1.5 hrs, 4 km, April 2008). Free map available at the Mt Beauty information centre.
Tawonga Huts - Fainter Firetrack (320 km NE). Falls Creek, High Plains Rd, Pretty Valley Rd, to car park at Pretty Valley Pondage. Pass through gate, over causeway, then on to the Fainter Firetrack. Follow track to the Tawonga Huts and return. High Plains environment, superb views. Inspect the Memorial Cairn just off the high point. (9 km, 3 hrs, March 2009)
Fainter Falls Track - Bogong. (320 km NE). Mt Beauty, Bogong High Plains Tourist Rd, to car park at the "yellow bridge" about 1 km south of Bogong Village. Follow signed track to the Falls and return. Viewing platforms, high falls, excellent forest environment. This is a new track, opened to the public in January 2009! (2.5 km, 1 hr, March 2009).
Photos | Map - obtain brochure from Mt Beauty Visitor Centre.
Carmichael Falls - Dinner Plain Region (380 km NE). Bright, Harrietville, Hotham Heights, Dinner Plain Village. Park at entrance to the Dinner Plain Village, then walk along the 4WD Dinner Plain Track which runs southerly along the perimeter of the Village. The Carmichael Falls walking track is signed, and starts about 500 m along Dinner Plain Track. Descend the Track through snow-gums, reaching the Lookout Platform near the base of the Falls. The Falls drop about 30 metres. There is a small sidetrack off the Track which leads to the top of the Falls. Return to the Village. Interesting views to nearby Table Mountain. Track is steep and rocky in sections. (3 km, 1 hr, December 2009).
Photos | Map - see Parks Vic Track Notes
Room with a View walk (Dinner Plain area - 380 km NE)). This quaintly-named 3 km return walk through snow-gum forest follows a former horse track. Starts at Great Alpine Rd, opposite the entrance to Dinner Plain Village. It ends at a picnic table! Great views of the Hotham and Feathertop massifs, overlooks the Cobungra River Gorge. One hour, December 2012. Altitude 1840 m.
Distances to the start of walks, from Melbourne, are in brackets against their descriptions