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Little River Gorge - Brisbane Ranges

The Park is very large, and there are innumerable walks and tracks throughout! A good map is essential.

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Brisbane Ranges Track Notes  is recommended.
Burchell Trail. (80 km W). The Burchell Trail is the main walking track in the Brisbane Ranges, extending for 37 km. It may be undertaken as a single walk, with overnight stops, or as individual sectors.
It runs from the Steiglitz Court House in the south to Boar's Gully in the north, and is identified by distinctive colored markers along its course.
Unfortunately, sections of the Park were destroyed in the disastrous fires of January 2006, and as at May 2007, restoration of tracks and bridges is continuing.
Access is via the Western Highway, Bacchus Marsh, to car parks/picnic grounds at Boar Gully, Balliang, or Anakie.

Some sections of the Burchell Trail had been walked prior to the fires.

The Trail offers good views, gorges, lookouts, creek crossings, old mines, bridges, fauna, flora, bushland, and forests. 
Walk 1: Little River Region, Stony Creek, McLean's Highway, Staunton Vale Rock Face. (6 km, Apr 2005, 2 hrs)
Photos | Map

Walk 2: Wallaby Track, Thompson's Rd, Little River Region. (6 km, May 2005, 2 hrs)
Walk 3: McLean's Highway, Thompson's Rd, Slate Track, Quarry Track
(5 km, Jun 2005, 2 hrs)
Photos | Map

Walk 4:  Start at Steiglitz Court House. Follow track to junction with Steiglitz Rd and return to Courthouse. Excellent bushland, cliffs, gorges, rocky in parts. (4 km, 2 hrs, September 2005)

Walk 5: Start at Crossing picnic area/car park. Follow track to Old Mill Picnic area and return. (6 km, 2 hrs, August 2005)

Albion Mine Walk.
(80 km W). Interesting walk through bushland, past old mines, to the site of the United Albion Mine. Good views from the high point near the mine.
(5 km, Dec 2004, 2 hr)
Photos | Map

Anakie Gorge and Nelson Lookout Walk. (80 km W). Start/end at Anakie Gorge Picnic Area, Staunton Rd. Follow signed markers. Excellent views, grass trees, old water channels, old mines. (4 km, Oct 2004, 2 hrs) 

Only those walks completed since late 2004 have been mentioned.



Distances to the start of walks, from Melbourne, are in brackets against their descriptions