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1953 - part of Broadbent's map

1954 - the Railway! (SLV)

Approx alignment of railway, in red, using 2009 Port Phillip Region Aerial Photography Map, Landvic

2014 - alignment of the railway (John Thompson)

From a promotional poster - 1960



An almost forgotten part of the Dandenong Ranges history in Melbourne's outer east is the Scenic Funicular Railway, which was a popular tourist attraction between 1953 and 1961, located on the north face of Mt Dandenong.

Known as the "Vista Trains", it was about 3 km from the township of Montrose, on timbered bushland, It was located in the vicinity of what is now 1106
Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, within what was to become the Dandenong Ranges National Park, at "Windy Corner", near the intersection of Inverness Rd.

This Project looks at the "Vista Trains" - a Special Chapter showing historical images of the early days of the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd is included.
The Project uses the terms "Railway" and "Tramway", which mean the same thing!

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This work is a free on-line dissertation, containing 30 chapters, which brings together many heritage images, descriptive text, location maps and drawings, about the long-forgotten Scenic Railway, Kalorama.
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