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The ADXR is available weekly on-line.

It's offered as a Podcast, or in MP3 format, or via iTunes.
It may also be heard on Smartphones or other internet-enabled devices.
It's runs off the platform, from the Australian Internet Radio Service
A free subscription is available at the above site, which delivers an E-mail message to you within a few minutes of a new episode becoming available.
The site has archived Episodes of the past 12 months.
A Mobile Application may be downloaded and installed on your Smartphone or iPad, from

The Podcast may also be accessed from the Playapod service -

Playapod is a free cross platform podcast app for Android and iOS devices. Playapod syncs your podcasts to the cloud so you can pick up any device and go. App features include cross-platform device syncing, episode tracking down to the second, time-coded bookmarks, remote media controls, offline listening, new episode notifications, bulk imports, fast performance, no ads, and more! Playapod is a free download from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore. Search on Playapod for Australian Internet Radio Service. 
The ADXR is also available from the ADXR Facebook Page, and Links to recent Episodes are available there. You need to have a FB account to view the Page.
If you are a FB Friend of the author, you will receive a notification in your Message Feed area within a few minutes of a new episode becoming available.

Click the icon or embedded player (below) for the latest Episodes!!

Australian DX Report

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