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1879 - the Port of Melbourne Edit Picture

Readers are invited to visit any of the folllowing VICTORIAN PICTORIAL HERITAGE WEBSITES, published free on-line, and compiled by the author.

Each describes, in words and pictures, the evolution, history, heritage and development of the designated places.

Silvan Reservoir 1880-2011
Maroondah Reservoir and Healesville 1862-2011
Bright 1850-2011
Mt Donna Buang and Warburton 1890-2011
Shoreham Beach 1860-2011
The Forests of Warburton 1853-2012
O'Shannassy Water Supply System 1913-2013
Maroondah Aqueduct System 1891-2013
Upper Yarra Reservoir 1846-2013
Warrandyte 1839-2010
Mont Albert 1830-2013

Descriptions of all of the above Projects may be viewed at

Victoria - a Pictorial Heritage

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