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Special fully-detailed ADXR QSLs are offered for correct reception reports of any of our programs heard on-air. Reports must include sufficient details for validation purposes, and indicate the date (UTC), time (UTC), frequency, quality of reception, and interference effects Reports will be accepted by Postal Mail, Email, or over the Internet All QSLs are fully detailed, and show the transmitter site and host broadcaster.
Reports compiled from listening via the Internet to Remote Radios, or via Streaming Audio will not be accepted
There are two types of ADXR QSLs - Postal Mailed or E-QSLs
These will be sent out ONLY if return postage is included - A$2 in mint Australian stamps (for Australian addresses), two IRCs/US$2 elsewhere, or US$2/AUD$2 via Pay Pal. QSLs will be sent via airmail.These QSLs show scenes of Australian fauna and flora.
Reports should be sent to Australian DX Report, 404 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia.
Postal mailed reports which do not include return postage will be verified via the Internet. You "pick up" your E-QSL at a special Website after you have received an E-mail notification from ADXR. A valid, active Emaill address should be provided.                          
These QSLs are fully detailed and show Australian themes, and contain a selection of Australian music,. These QSLs are free and a valid, active Email address must be provided. .

Reports may be sent using the special Reception Report Template. You "pick up" your E-QSL at a special Website after receiving a notification from ADXR.
If you do not wish to use the Template, you may send your report via Email, to
using the same layout  as shown in the Template.

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