Looking Back - 1939 to 2011 - the Autobiography of Robert V. J. Padula, OAM

1951 - Competitions on local radio stations

1941 - Bikes and Cars
1943 - Hiking - Hills and Coasts
1944 - Growing up in the War Years - Part 1
1944 - Growing up in the War Years - Part 2
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1945 - Upwey and the Puffing Billy
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1949 - Radio Monitoring at Auburn
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1950 - World Radio TV Handbook
1950 - Shortwave Radio Propagation Research
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1950 - Radio and Hobbies Magazines
1950 - Discovering shortwave radio at Auburn
1951 - Photography
1951 - Competitions on local radio stations
1952 - Camp Buxton - YMCA Shoreham
1952 Tennis and Ten Pin Bowling
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1953 Camberwell High School
1954 - Royal Visit to Melbourne
1954 - Shortwave Radio reception at Auburn
1956 - Melbourne's Olympic Games
1956 - Trainee Telecommunications' Technician
1957 - Trainee Technician - field work
1957 - National Service Registration
1958 - Laverton Air Show
1958 - MOOMBA Parade
1958 - Trainee Technician - field work
1959 - The move to Mont Albert
1960 - Working at Deepdene Telephone Exchange
1963 - Trade Unions, Staff Associations, Industrial Relations
1964 - Senior Technician work in the Melbourne CBD
1964 - Project support for Radio Australia
1964 - Project support for Radio Australia
1964 - Amateur Radio
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1964 - Engineering Support for International Broadcasters
1965 - Professional Employment with PMG/Telstra
1967 - Professional Qualifications - Institution of Engineers Australia
1967 - Australian Radio DX Club Photo Gallery (to 1979)
1972 - Wireless Institute of Australia
1972 - Natural disasters in Melbourne
1980 - Australian Radio DX Club Gallery (to 1995)
1981 - Award of the Medal of the Order of Australia
1995 - Padula Books
SPECIAL CHAPTER - Oldtime Australian Radio Drama from the 1930s
SPECIAL CHAPTER - Radio Monitoring Clubs in Australia - 1920 to 1949
SPECIAL CHAPTER - Melbourne Picture Theatres - History - 1906 to 1970

May 1951 - Essay Contest - Radio 3KZ Melbourne - author at right!

In the 1940s and early 1950s, most MW stations across Australia had late afternoon  "Children's Sessions" - the biggest following was the ABC's Argonauts' Club, was designed for kids from seven to 17, which ran until its abrupt closure in 1972, It was replaced by a new show for "teenagers", which I recall was pure drivel.

One of my
favourite programs in the late 1940s was the 3DB's Children's Session, compered by Jean Lawson. W
ith few resources, she broadcast for 25 minutes every week day. She was most famous for writing and producing ‘The Fakermagangees’, an infinitely long serial about a group of children, whose adventures became so wide-ranging that eventually they travelled backward through time. I loved them!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jean in  September 1948, when she started her European Holiday on board a cruise ship from Station Pier, Port Melbourne With my mother, we met with Jean in her shipboard cabin and talked a lot about the Childrens' Session on 3DB. .

In May 1951, Melbourne broadcaster 3KZ had a contest for kids to send in essays about "Pets", as part of the station's weekday "Childrens's Session".
I wrote a story, on behalf of my brother and myself, and we won the prize for the Best Essay! This was a large-format photo in a nice frame. Still in good condition, 60 years later!
I remember that two photographers from the Aldor studio came out to take the photos in our modest sized back yard in Auburn.

The pets shown are Cocky (galah), and Paddy (hound).

I remember the day well, as Cocky was digging his claws in and would have taken a piece out of my ear!

We had to dress up for the camera shots with ties and good jumpers!

In the picture you see Paddy's kennel (right, red tinted), the vegetable garden through the wooden gate at the back. At the right front you can see some cactus plants - some of these were brought to our house in Mont Albert when we shifted here in 1959 and are still going strong. They are now two metres high, and their descendants are scattered around the garden!

1951 Aubursn school Form 1A - I am top row, seckond from right!

Auburn 1951 - back yard - shooolmate Ian (left) and author

August 1951 - My bro, the author, and Dickie Duck, Auburn, published in the Argus newspaper

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