Maroondah Reservoir Pictorial Heritage 1862 to 2011

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline
The First Weirs1878-1891
Construction 1915 to 1929
The Yarra Track
The Blacks' Spur
Heritage Pictures 1872 to 1926
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Maroondah Reservoir Park
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Watts River in 1888

1915 - Procession in Healesville

1860 Gold discovered at Wood's Point

1862 Yarra Track to Wood's Point goldfields constructed

1864 Town of Healseville surveyed
        Deviation of Yarra Track around town of New Chum

1865 New Chum deserted|

1874 Cobb and Co coaches start services to Blacks Spur and Marysville

1876 Graceburn Weir built

1881 Agitation for new railway from Healseville to Benalla

1888 Acheron Railway League forms - agitates for new railway from Healesville to Alexandra

1891 First Maroondah Watts) River Weir opens
        MMBW established

1888 Railway to Healesville built

1893 Donnelley's and Sawpit Creeks Weirs built

1915 Works begin

1916 Bus (charabanks) Melbourne to Woods Point begins, via Healeseville

1917 Design and site clearing commences

1918 Diversion of Maroondah River (later renamed Watts River) via a concrete open channel
        Agitation for 2'6" raiulway from Healesville to Narbethong

1919 Cableway and ropeway built for transport of materials from Healesville to site

1920 Construction starts
        Aqueducts and channels constructed

1926 Terrible bushfires rage in Mt Monda AREA

1927 Works complete 
        Reservoir officially opened

1929 External planting in gardens starts

1930 New road to Blacks' Sopur starts

1932 Perimeter fence installed
        Walking tracks constructed
        Landscaping commenced

1937 Blacks' Spur deciation road built from Fernshaw to St Ronians's Well
        Blacks' Spur Rd sealed from Graceburn Weir to Fernshaw

Sawpit Creek Weir decommissioned

1989 Spiilway enlarged


View from Fernshaw Rd in 1875 towards furure site of Reservoir

Engraving of 1870, looking towards Mt Monda, over site of the futrure Reservoir

Watts River Bridge in 1888

Maroondah (Watts) River aqueduct channel 1895

1904 Near the Hermitage - Blacks Spur

1912 Cobb and Co.Coach - Marysville route

1880 Cobb and Co,. Coaches

1900 Blacks Spur Rd

1881 Blacks Spur Rd

1920 Blacks Spur Rd

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