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From the main carpark, the coast stretches generally north and south.

To the north is Honeysuckle Point, also known as Honeysuckle Reef, then the vast surf beach of Pt Leo.
Southwards is the town of Flinders.

Popular hikes follow the coast in each direction - Flinders is about 4 km,  Pt Leo is about 3 km.
Beachwalkers along these coasts should be alert to tidal changes which can cause some embarrassment and wet feet, particularly at the base of the cliffs at the south and north heads!
The reefs and rockpools are exposed at low tide - the tide mkay recede for several hundred metres on occasions - some of us have jokingly remarked that it could be possible to walk all the way to Phillip Island on such occasions!

Colored markers are visible beyond the end of the reefs - these are used to guide fishermen in the correct channels.

Below are four photos from my 2011 beach hikes at Shoreham.

2011 Beach hike

2011 Beach hike

2011 Beach hike

2011 Beach hike

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