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About this Project
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My first visit to Shoreham Beach was in January 1952, when I attended a 10-day camp organized by the YMCA, for disadvantaged kids from Victoria.
I was 12 years old, from the inner Melhourne suburb of Auburn.
The bushland facility was known as Camp Buxton, and you can read about its history and my first visit elswhere in this website!
That 10-day holiday was an event I will never forget, which occurred during my transition from a "puppy kid" to the  teenage world. 

See the three sections about Camp Buxton!
After 1952, I never returned to Shoreham until 2005, a gap of some 53 years.
Then, I had become passionate in bushwalking, and in discoverering the hiking trails  and beachwalking tracks in the Mornington Peninsula National Park and the Westernport Coast.
I have made many trips to Shoreham, exploring the coastal walks to Flinders and Pt Leo, and enjoying the magnificent rockpools and reefs which are exposed at low tide.




Shoreham has also been a special location for pursuing my professional interest in long-distance shortwave radio propagation research. There is almost no power-line interference, with excellent reception during daytime from around the world.

The best site has been on the foreshore car park, near the boat-launching ramp

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