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Tomahawk Creek Track

The walks described on this page are to places outside the prinicipal National Parks, Regional Parks and State Parks in the Eastern Region


Southern Tracks. (50 km NE). Yarra Glen, Melba Highway, Old Toolangi Rd, Beach's Lane, to signed entrance  to Forest and small car park at Paul's Lane junction. Follow signposted Paul's Range Track, then ascend (very steep) up Loop Tk, reaching junction with Ridge Tk. This is the highest point on this walk - 375m - the car park is at 166m. Explore Ridge Tk for about 500m, then return to car. Bushland, good views from Ridge Tk to the Great Dividing Range and farnland. Track is seriously eroded in parts by trailbike activity. (3 km, 1 hr, May 2008).
Photos Map - Melways


Note! The Park is very large, 3500 ha, and offers a marvellous selection of hiking tracks, some of which are shared with horses and cyclists.
Tom's Track. (65 km E) Maroondah Highway, Woori Yallock, Lusatia Park Rd, Launching Place-Gembrook Rd, to small car park, next to signed Tom's Track. Descend this track, reaching Clark's Creek and return. Interesting forest environment. (4 km, 1 hr, April 2011).
Photos Map
Spencer Track. (65 km E). Gembrook, Beenak Rd, Soldiers Rd, to small car park at junction with unsigned Spencer Tk. Follow tk south to Tentpole Rd and return. Interesting bushland, spring wildflowers. Note: This is one of many shorter ungated tracks in this section of the Park, shared with walkers and horseriders. 2 km, 45 mins, September 2007).
Photos Map
Monk's Fireline Track. (65 km E). Gembrook, then Gembrook-Woori Yallock Rd, past Kuth Kiln picnic ground, then reaching signposted track on the left. Follow track to its end at Boundary rd and return. Good forest environment, through former logging region, passing two large dams. (4 km, 1.5 hrs, September 2008).
Photos Map
Gilwell Track. (65 km E). Gembrook, Beenak Rd, to car park at junction with Shepherd Ck Rd, to signed/gated track. Follow tk to Gembrook-Launching Place rd and return. Pleasant forest, spring wildflowers, large granite boulders, Clarke's Creek. (2 km, 45 mins, September 2007).
Photos Map

Possum Track. (65 km E). Gembrook, Beenak Rd, to small car park at sign marked "Possum Track". Go throuigh gate, follow track to the nothern end at Boundary Rd, and return the same way. Excellent bushland, ferns, fern gullies, large dam, Shepherd's Creek. Muddy after wet weather! (4 km, 1 hr, September 2007).
Photos Map
Firewood Track. (65 km E).  Gembrook, then Gembrook-Woori Yallock Rd, Beenak Rd, to small car park next to gated/signed Firewood Tk. Follow track to its junction with Thom's Tk and return. The track crosses the unsigned Kurth Kiln firebreak and Camp Tks. Forest environment, ferns, tree ferns, spring wildflowers. (3 km, 1 hr, September 2007).
Photos Map

Thornton Track -(65 km E). This is an interesting circuit walk, through forest and fern gullies, adjacent to the Tomahawk Creek, and includes the historical Kurth Kiln and cottages. Access: Gembrook, then Gembrook-Woori Yallock Rd. Walk is signposted - start at the Kurth Kiln picnic ground. After reaching the footbridge, cross the Tomahawk Creek and return via Scout Camp Rd, inspect the Kiln. (4 km, 1 hr,  August 2009)
Tomahawk Creek Track (65 km E). This is an excellent walk, following the Tomahawk Creek valley in a circuit. Access: Gembrook, Gembrook-Woori Yallock Rd, to car park at Kirth Kiln Visitor Centre. Start on the right of the bridge, follow the defined lower level track through forest until a footbridge is reached, cross bridge, and return to car park on the opposite bank. There is a short spur track to the Shepherd's Lane road just past the bridge. Track goes through forest, lush green fern gullies, and passes a gorge, waterfalls, and large granite rock formations. (4 km, March 2009, 1 hr).
Photos Map

Shiprock Falls. (65 km E).  Maroondah Highway, Lilydale, Woori Yallock, Lusatia Park Rd, to small car park opposite Shiprock Falls track. Follow track to Falls and return. Explore minor tracks and huge granite boulders at top of falls. Track has been upgraded and an observation platform constructed. Short interesting walk through forest, falls view. (1 km, 30 mins,  Apr 2009) 
Photos Map
Watermill Bush Camp. (65 km E).  Maroondah Highway, Lilydale, Woori Yallock, Lusatia Park Rd, Beenak Rd, to small car park at locked gate at entrance to unsigned Watermill Track. Descend track to where it ends at  the Bush Camp, on the McCrea Creek. There is a change in altitude from 280m to 227m. Muddy after wet weather. Good forest environment, wildflowers in spring. (3 km, 1 hr, Sep 2007)
Photos Map

Waterchannel Track - Northern Section. (65 km E).  Maroondah Highway, Lilydale, Woori Yallock, Lusatia Park Rd, Beenak Rd, to Kurth Kiln picnic area. Then along Soldiers Rd and Scout Camp Rd, to locked gate at entrance to signed Waterchannel Track. Descend track, passing a water point and remains of the old water channel, to its end at the Woori Yallock Rd and return. Good bushland environment, former logging area, many Banksias! (3 km, 1 hr, August 2009)
Photos Map

Waterchannel Track - Southern Section (65 km E).  Maroondah Highway, Lilydale, Woori Yallock, Lusatia Park Rd,  Gembropok Rd, to locked gate at entrance to signed Waterchannel Track. Descend track, passing the Tomahawk Creek and billabong, then return.  Good bushland environment, former logging area, many Banksias! (3 km, 1 hr, April 2011)

Yea River Walk (80 km NE). This is a pleasant nature circuit walk through the Yea River Wetlands. Walk starts at the signposted access at the eastern end of the Yea town, passing through remnant forest, adjacent to the Yea River. The walk includes the suspension bridge and boardwalks, and Interesting features are marked with interpretative signs. From Melbourne, Yea is reached from the Melba Highway, through Lilydale and Yarra Glen. (2 km, September 2006)
Photos | Map - see RACV Vic


Warburton - Yarra River Walk (80 km E). Start at the main Bridge at the eastern end of Warburton township, follow the signposted track westerly on the south bank to the terminus, near the Golf Course. Cross the Yarra at this point and return along the north bank to the Footbridge. Cross the Yarra again, and return to the starting point. The track is maintained by the Warburton Advancement League, and passes through fern areas and forest. Many ducks and geese will greet you on your journey! (6 km, 2 hrs, August 2006)
Warburton - River Trail (80 km E). Start at the main bridge at eastern end of Warburton township. Locate sign, proceed through camping ground, then follow Trail adjacent to river. Trail follows alignment of the former Timber Tramway which ran from Big Pat's Creek to Warburton. It crosses Wood's Point Rd, then runs next to the road, ending just past the bridge. Cross road, follow Riverside Drive back to Warburton. Excellent views of the river.  (7 km, 2 hrs, July 2006) 
Photo Album | Map

Shorter walk: As above, but do not proceed past the junction of Wood's Point Rd.
Photo Album (3 km, 1 hr - August 2008)

Yarra Junction - Little Yarra Riverside Walk (60 km east) Start at the crossing of the Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail at Corduroy Rd, west of the town centre. Follow this Trail to the Yarra Valley Museum. The signed Riverside Walk starts immediately behind the Museum and follows the river for about 1 km. It passes the commemorative sculpture for the Meeting Place of the Manna Gum Aborigi
nal people. Return the same way. The Museum is only open on certain days, and a small admission fee is charged. Good views of the river, and north across the Don Valley, to Ben Cairn, the Warramate Hills, and Mt Toolebewong. (4 km, one hour, August 2011).
Photo Album | Map - Melways.


Hoddle's Creek Forest Trail. (50 km E). Access: Warburton Highway, Launching Place-Gembrook Rd, Parkinson's Rd, to small car park at signposted reserve. Go through gate, follow the main fie access track to its end at Hazeldene Rd, and return. A pleasant hike along the ridge, through remnant bushland. (1 hr, October 2006, 4 km)
Photos | Map - Melways


Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. (50 km E). Warburton Highway, Wandin, Beenak Rd, Macclesfield Rd, to small car park at signed/gated entrance to Reserve. Climb over stile, follow access road to picnic ground adjacent to community educational centre and Parks Vic depot.. Follow tracks along Woori Yallock Creek and return. This is the habitat of the endangered Helmeted Honeyeater, and Leadbeater Possum. Guided tours for small groups may be arranged with Parks Vic. Passive recreational activities encouraged. This is the western section of the Reserve. Bushland environment, wetlands, billabongs, creek, bridges, forest, ferns, fern gullies. (4 km, 1 hr, September 2007).
Photos | Map - Melways


Ned's Peak Walk. (120 km E). Maroondah Highway, Healesville, Cathedral Rd, to main picnic ground. Ascend signed track to Ned's Peak and return. Forest environment, good views from summit. Quite steep! (6 km, 2 hrs, December 2005).
Photos | Map


Mt. Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve - Garfield. (90 km E). Princes Freeway, Garfield North Rd, to small car park at signed reserve. Ascend track to ridge and return (loop circuit). There are three Lookouts - North, South, and Rotary.Nice forest, excellent views from summit to Bunyip State Forest.  (3 km, 1 hr, January 2009)
Photos : Map - Rooftops Series: Yarra Valley - West Gippsland
NEWLY OPENED WALK! Cardinia Aqueduct Trail - Pakenham. (50 km E). Prince's Highway, Pakenham, north alongn Thewlis Rd, to small car park at gated eastern entrance to the Trail. Follow trail along disused Tarago-Beaconsfield Aqueduct to western gate at Officer Rd and return. Pleasant bushland environment, nice views across farmland to Westernport Bay.  This is a new Trail, managed by Cardinia Shire, and opened in 2006. (4 km, 1 hr, August 2007).
Photos | Map - see Melways
Upper Pakenham Lake Reserve. (50 km E). Prince's Highway, Pakenham, north along Army Rd, turn left into Lilliput Lane, to car park and picnic ground at Lake Reserve. Follow circuit track around Lake. Waterfowl, remnant forest, nice views of lake. (2 km, 30 mins, August 2007)
Photos | Map - see Melways
Chamber's Flora and Fauna Park - Upper Pakenham. (55 km SE). Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, Upper Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd, Bourkes Creek Rd, to large picnic ground at entrance to Park. Follow Kangaroo Trail, Lyrebird Walk. Wombat Track, Acacia Walk back to start. Distinctive remnant bushland envirnoment.  (3 km, 1 hr, March 2006). 
Photos | Map - Melways
Mine Shaft Forest Reserve - Macclesfield. (50 km E). Belgrave, Emerald, Macclesfield Rd, Macclesfield, Tschampions Rd, Yululga Drive, Mine Shaft Rd, to small carpark at gate of Reserve. Explore the Reserve via various tracks -  once a gold mining area in the 1850s, later used for logging. Remains of mine shafts may be seen. (1 km, 30 mins, July 2007)
Photos  | Map -see Melways)
Yarrabubba Forest Reserve - Maryknoll. (60 km E). Prince's Highway, Pakenham, Snell Rd,  to small carpark at Metz Corner. Follow signed walking track to Wingadee Rd and return. Pleasant remnant bushland, Back Creek, boardwalks, bridges,views from a high point across Reserve to the west(4 km, 1 hr, August 2007).
Photos  | Map -see Melways
Critchley Parker Junior Forest Reserve - Upper Beaconsfield. ( 50 km E). Monash Freeway, Berwick, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd, Upper Beaconsfield, left at St,. Georges's Rd, to signed carpark at Reserve entrance. Follow track westerly to right. Inspect the Ash Wednesday February 16 1983 Memorial to the 21 firefighters who died that day in the bushfires which destroyed 9200 hectares in the Upper Beaconsfield region. Follow loop track along Park boundary back to start. Regrowth forest environment, views across the valley south towards  Beaconsfield and Westernport Bay.  (3 km, 1 hr, August 2007)
Photos  | Map -see Melways

Wilson Botanic Park - Berwick. (40 km E). Princes Highway, Berwick, to large car park. Follow well-signposted foot-tracks around the Park - Hilltop Rd, Basalt Rd, past the Anniversary and Basalt Lakes, Hoo Hoo Lookout, Directional Marker Lookout, Ben's Lookout, Birdhide, Ampitheatre, basalt cliffs. Park is on the site of the former bluestone quarry, and managed by Casey Shire. Excellent views in all directions from Hilltop Rd and the three lookouts.  (5 km, 1.5 hrs, Aug 2007).
Photos | Map - see Melways
Beaconsfield Flora and Fauna Reserve. (45 km E). Monash Freeway, Princes Highway, Berwick, Beaconsfield, Emerald Rd, to small car park at signed entrance to the reserve just past the oval. Follow foot-tracks past interpretative notices and return. Tracks cross Cardinia Ck and Brisbane Ck - wetland, bushland, creek views, birdlife. (4 km, 1 hr, September 2007). 
Photos | Map - see Melways
Bunyip Nature Sanctuary. (70 km E). Monash Freeway, south into Doran Rd (Bunyip), to signed car park / picnic area at sanctuary - the site was formerly part of the KooWeeRup Swamp. Wetland, birds, lizards, mammals, frogs, snakes, walking tracks, creek, bridges, views to the Bunyip State Park, Black Range, Mt Towt, and Mt Cannibal. A seldom-visited 13 hectare nature reserve! (1 km, 1 hr exploring, September 2007).
Photos | Map - see Melways or RACV Victoria
Labertouche Creek Fauna and Flora Reserve. (80 km E). Princes Highway, Labertouche Rd, Jackson's Track, to small car park at junction with Fisher's Rd. Reserve is signed. Follow walking track beside Labertouche Ck to end of Reserve and return. Interesting bushland, creek, spring wildflowers, good views across open farnland to the eastern end of the Bunyip State Park. (3 km, 1 hr, September 2007).
Photos | Map - see Melways or RACV Victoria


Toorongo Falls. (100 km E). Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction, Powelltown, Noojee, Mt Baw Baw Rd, Toorongo Falls Rd, to car park and picnic ground. Follow signed circuit track to Amphitheatre Falls and Toorongo Falls. A superb walk through forest, ferns, with excellent views of both falls from observation platforms. (2.5 km, 1 hr, September 2007).
Photos | Map - see RACV Vic

Lyrebird Forest Walk - Mirboo North. (140 km E). NEW WALK OPENED SEPTEMBER 2007.  South Gippsland Highway, Leongatha, Strzelecki Highway, to large picnic area 5 km north of Mirboo North town. Follow signed circuit foot-track (the "Short Trail") along Little Morwell River, passing through Coral Fern Gully. Excellent forest environment, bridges, fern gullies, tree ferns. A longer signed walk of about 5 km may be undertaken. An alternative roure to the Walk is via the Prince's Highway, to Trafalgar, then through Thorpdale - stop at the Mt. Speed Lookout for marvellous videws across  the Latrobe Valley. (3 km, 1 hr, October 2007)
Photos | Map

Mt Worth State Park (120 km SE). Princes Freeway, Darnum Rd, Cloverlea, to Moonlight Creek car park/picnic ground. Follow signed tracks to Trevorrow's Mill site, Giant's Circuit, and Moonlight Creek Tk to site of Maslin's Mill. Several other tracks may be explored, starting at the car park. Wet forest, fern gullies, lyrebirds,creeks, relics of old mills of the 1920s. Maps available at the information kiosk in the picnic ground. Superb forest environment, excellent views from the approach road north to the Victorian Alps over La Trobe Valley. (4 km, 1.5 hrs, April 2009)
Photos | Visitor Guide


Walks from the Chalet Vistor Centre. (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd, to Chalet car park. Several shorter walks, all signposted, start here, offering excellent views across the valley to the high country. They include the spectacular views from several lookouts - Bent's, Echo Point, Hang Glider, Billson's, and the Haunted Gorge. About 2 km, one hour. Another walk is the circuit around the Gorge.

Map | Photos

Laka Catani Walk (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd. Circuit hike around Lake from picnic area car park, passes the Dam, through Alpine meadows. (3 km, 1 hr, December 2013)
The Monolith Summit and Circuit Walk (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd,  Cresta Valley Day Visitor Centre, follow one of two signed tracks to Monolith Summit and Viewpoint, return via the loop trail back to Mt Buffalo Rd. Track is steep in parts, follows steps in a ravine, altitude change is 140 m from road.. Excellent views in all directions from the Summit. (3 km, 1.5 hrs, December 2011)
South Buffalo Viewpoint. (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd, Cresta Valley Day Visitor Centre car park. Follow signed track to the viewpoint and return. Excellent views across the Plateau amd beyond. Track passes through Alpine grassy plains and Snow Gum woodlands. (8 km, 2 hrs, April 2008)
Map | Photos

Mt  Dunn (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd, to small car park opposite Lake Catani. Follow signed Long Plain Track to Mt Dunn and return. Excellent views from the summit of Mt Dunn across the Plateau and Park. The final section is up steel ladders.The Long Plain Track follows the Eurobin Creek, passing through Alpine grassy meadows. (8 km, 3 hrs, October 2008)
Buffalo Gorge. (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd, to the Chalet car park/picnic area. Follow signed tracks around the top of the Gorge to the various lookouts.  Superb views across the Buckland Valley.  Note: Admission fee payable to enter the Park. (2 km, 1 hr, April 2008) 
Photos | Map

Rollason's Falls. (320 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd, to the car park/picnic area. Descene signed track to the Buffalo Creek and Falls (Upper and Lower Falls)Track is steep in sections - excellent views of the Falls at the bottom. (4 km, 1.5 hrs, August 2009)
Photos | Map
Corrall Peak, Mahomet's Tomb and the Sentinel (350 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd to car park at base of the Cathedral Rock. Follow signed track to Corrall Alpine Meadow, then to Corrall Peak, Mahomet's Tomb and the Sentinel. Return to car park.Superb Alpine views! The lower section of the track is formed from steps - the top section is steep and rough. (4 km, 1.5 hrs, April 2010)
Photos | Map
The Cathedral and the Hump (350 km NE). Mt Buffalo Rd to car park at base of the Cathedral Rock. Ascend signed track to the Cathedral Rock lookout, then continue on to the Hump. Spectacular Alpine views. Track is steep in sections. (3 km, 1.5 hrs, April 2010)

Woolshed Falls Walk. (275 km NE). Beechworth, to car park at the Powder Battery on Gorge Rd. This is the Beechworth Historic Park - follow signed foot-track, reaching Gorge Rd, walk along this road, over the old bridge, past the Spring Creek Cascades, to the continuation of the walking track. Descend steeply, reaching flat land. Follow the orange markers to the end of the track, past farms and the creek. Cross the main road, pick up the Woolshed Falls Track, continue to the Falls car park and picnic area, view the Falls. Return to start. Excellent views of the Woolshed Valley, the Falls, old goldmine artifacts, forest, cliffs, Cascades(10 km, 3 hrs, June 9 2008).
Photos | Map
White Box Track - Chiltern-Mt. Pilot National Park (250 km NE). Hume Freeway, Chiltern, Chiltern-Beechworth Rd, Lancashire Gap Rd, Honeyeater Picnic ground/car park. Follow signed White Box Track, clockwise circuit. Forest environment, relics of old gold mines, many birds, view point, footbridges. (8 km, 2 hrs, December 2008)
Photos | Map - download from Parks Victoria  
Mt Pilot Summit - Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park (250 km NE). Hume Freeway, Chiltern, Chiltern-Beechworth Rd, turn off on Old Coach rd, then to Summit Car Park/picnic area. Follow walking track to summit. Magnificent views in all directions. (2 km, December 2008, 1 hr)  
Photos | Map - VicRoad or Melways
Mt Disappointment Summit Walk. (60 km N). Hume Freeway, Heathcote Junction, Wallan East, Wandong, Main Mountain Rd, Mt Disappointment Rd, to car park at Blair's Hut picnic ground. Walk up Mt Disappointment Rd to its end at junction with Board Rd. Follow jeep track to large cleared space at heli-pad. This is the lookout - good views to Melbourne,Whiittlesea and Yan Yean Reservoir, over the prohibited access Melbourne Water firebreak which leads down to the Tourourrong Reservoir. Regrowth forest environment, Hume and Hovell information board at Blair's Hut, views from summit. (3 km, 1 hr, July 5 2008)
Note: The Mt Disappointment State Forest has innumerable walking tracks and public access management roads, many dating back to the uncontrolled logging era. Sone tracks are closed in winter. Care is needed, due to the shared use of tracks and roads by trail-bike riders and young children on minature four-wheeled motorized buggies.)
Photos | Map - see Parks Victoria website 

Strath Creek Falls Gorge Walk. (60 km N). Hume Freeway, Heathcote Junction, Strath Creek Rd, turn south at Murchison Spur Rd, to junction with Strath Falls Track. Park here. Walk to Falls viewing area and return. Rugged gorge, rock formations, falls, forest environment. (3 km, 1 hr, July 2008).
Photos | Map - see Parks Victoria website 

Anderson Garden Walks. (60 km N). Hume Freeway, Clonbinane Rd, to Anderson Garden Picnic Ground and car park, on Boundary Rd, at Sunday Creek.
Walk 1: Walk up Boundary Rd, reaching viewpoint at junction with Harry's Head West Rd. Return to car park.

Walk 2: From the car park, follow signed Walking Track along the Sunday Creek Gully. Visit the concrete weir . This track continues towards the large Sunday Creek Reservoir. Return to car park.

Excellent panoramas from the viewpoint. Pleasant bushland, regrowth forest, creek views. (4 km, 1.5 hrs, August 2008)
Photos | Map - see Parks Victoria website 


Wabonga Plateau State Forest -  Paradise Falls. (350 km NE). Whitfield, Cheshunt, then along the Falls Rd (unsealed), reaching the carpark and picnic area. Descend inti the Gorge down the Falls Walking Track, reaching the viewing area at the base of the Falls. Return to car. The Falls drop about 30 metres down a vertical cliff. The flow may be low in dry weather. The cliff face is rugged - good views towards the Alps. (1.5 km, 30 mins, December 2009.
Photos | Map - see Parks Victoria website 
Power's Lookout Reserve (350 km NE). Whitfield, then along the Mansfield Rd, turn off to Power's Reserve, to car park and picnic area. There are two Lookouts - the main platform is at the car park, the northern platform is along a walking track, with steel ladders and staircases. An info board at the carpark provides details about the Reserve, and its geological formation. Spectacular views from both Lookouts over the King River Valley towards the Alps and Buffalo Massif. (45 mins, 2 km, December 2009).
Photos | Map - see Parks Victoria website 


Wandiligong Goldfields Walk.(350 km NE). Bright, then to Wandiligong, then to signed Goldfields Walk. Follow main circuit track next to Creek, passing the Suspension Bridge, Birdhide, and Chinese Bridge, return to car. Track passes through the former goldfields area. (3 km, 1 hr, April 2010)


Mt Beauty Pondage Walk. This walk starts at the Mt Beauty Village Centre and is a circuit around the Pondage. The Pondage is part oif the Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme. Nice views to the Alps and nearer hills. (2 km, 45 mins, December 2010)


Bon Accord Spur Track - Familiarization Walk  (400 km NE). Great Alpine Rd to Harrietville, then along Bon Accord Rd, leaving the car at the start of the unsealed track wjich runs alongside the Ovens River. Follow this track for about 1 km  to the information board and intention book. The Bon Accord Spur Track starts here, and continues 10 km up the mountain, eventually reaching the Razorback Track, and then on to Mt Feathertop. This familiarization walk is steep in the upper sedctions,and provides a good introduction to the region,  once a gold mining precinct. Turnaround point is aboput 1 km from the info board. (3 km,one hour, December 2011)

Map - see Rooftops |  Photos

Distances to the start of walks, from Melbourne, are in brackets against their descriptions