The Maroondah Aqueduct System - a Pictorial Heritage 1891 to 2013

1893 - Donnelley's Weir

1803 - Beginnings
1857 - Yan Yean Reservoir
1865 - Preston Reservoir
1891 - The Graceburn Weir
1891 - The Aqueduct
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Kangaroo Ground District
1891 - Watts Weir
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Echo Tunnel
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Eltham to Research District
1893 - Donnelley's Weir
1927 - Maroondah Reservoir
1927 - Maroondah Reservoir Park
Maroondah Reservoir - Features
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This is a Video, compiled by the author, of the Donnelley's Weir, the outflow which goes into the Maroondah Aqueduct

1908 - the Weir

In 1893, Donnelly's Creek weir and the adjacent Sawpit weir were built to divert water from tributaries of the Watts River to the Maroondah aqueduct. Donnelly's Creek added four and a half million gallons per day to the Maroondah system. Sawpit Creek Weir operated until it was decommissioned and partially dismantled in 1988. 

It is constructed on Donnelly's Creek and is about 1 metre high, 750mm thick and 15 metres long. It is built of bluestone and concrete with a metal gate section in the centre. The control wheel for the take-off valve is at the western end of the weir. A picnic area has been established and visitor facilities include toilets, picnic tables, barbeques and car park.
The Weir remains part of Melbourne Water's distribution system.
Outflow is via an undergrouind pipe which connects to the Maroondah Aqueduct.

The Weir (2013)

The Weir (2013)

The Weir - c1895