The Maroondah Aqueduct System - a Pictorial Heritage 1891 to 2013

1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Echo Tunnel

1803 - Beginnings
1857 - Yan Yean Reservoir
1865 - Preston Reservoir
1891 - The Graceburn Weir
1891 - The Aqueduct
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Kangaroo Ground District
1891 - Watts Weir
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Echo Tunnel
1891 - Maroondah Aqueduct - Eltham to Research District
1893 - Donnelley's Weir
1927 - Maroondah Reservoir
1927 - Maroondah Reservoir Park
Maroondah Reservoir - Features
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Echo Tunnel - the Bat Catcher (2013)

Open Channel, near Echo Tunnel entrance (2013)

Outflow from the Maroondah Reservoir is via the outlet tower,  a promomnent feature at the spillway end of the site.

Pipes carry water from the base of the Tower through a tunnel bored under a hill, known as "Echo Tunnel" which emerges at Sawpit Creek, next to public access Management Road 17 (Condon's Walking Track).

In 1893,  Sawpit Creek Weir was built, and operated until it was decommissioned and partially dismantled in 1988. The creek still flows, and runs in a small tunnel under the open channel and access track.

The remains of the weir can be seen opposite the Echo Tunnel exit.

The first open channel section starts here, and the access track is open to the public, extending about 1 km to a another pipe, adjacent to Donnelley's Creek Rd.

This pipe forms part of the Aqueduct.


Open Channel, entering pipe (2013)

Open Channel, Echo Tunnel in distance (2013)

Open Channel, near Echo Tunnel (2013)