1943 - Army Shortwave HF Stations in Melbourne

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1943 - Army Shortwave HF Stations in Melbourne
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1943 - receiving room Ringwood North

1943 - UHF FM link transmitter at North Ringwood

It is not commonly known, but during World War 2 the Australian Army operated a large HF wireless telegraphy communications station from locations in the outer east of Melbourne.

The facility was split geographically - the receiving station was sited in a farming region, at North Ringwood, on the fringe of the town of Warrandyte, in a bushland area of about 30 hectares, which in later years would become part of the suburb of Park Orchards, about 20 km from central Melbourne.

The unstaffed transmitting station was located near the country town of Coldstream, some 10 km east of Warrandyte, and included several rhombic antennas, an antenna switching panel, and five HF high-speed W/T transmitters.

The antennas were designed for optimum radiation to places such as Alice Springs, New Zealand, Darwin, Hobart, and Chungking (China).

The transmitting towers, were north of the airfield, on the Yarra River Flats in Tarrawarra Rd, not far from the present-day Coldstream airport.

The transmitting station was in the yard of a property called St Huberts in St Huberts Road.

After the War, the transmitting and receiving facilities were dismantled. The receiving equipment was relocated to the Army Receiving Station at Rockbank, and the transmitting equipment was resited to the Army Transmitting Station at Deefr Park - both sites were in Melbournes ķuter west.

A series of photos taken in May 1943, held at the Australian War Memorial, in Canberra, show various features of the receiving and transmitting stations, and these may be viewed on-line at the AWM website:

Receiving station

Transmitting station


1943 - teletype machine at receiving station

1943 - Coldstream antennas

1943 - Coldstream transmitters

Military Short-term Shortwave Stations
Very little information is avalable about the relatively small number of short-term (temporary) military shortwave stations which had been active in Australia.

They included:

Radio Puckapunyal - located at the Amy's Military camp north of Melbourne , and was on the air in 1955.

VMA Diggers Rest - the Army operated this station between 1982 and 1987 with live programming for personnel overseas.

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