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1926 Visitors at the Rock, Ben Cairn

Ben Cairn is the high peak of 1041m, between Mts Toolbewong and Donna Buang, in the Yarra Ranges National Park, 70 km east of Melbourne.

A 1 km foot track from the Ben Cairn car park goes to the Summit Lookout.

The views are limited due to tall timber, being regrowth from the 1939 fires. The region was extensively logged up to the 1940s.

Photos taken in the 1920s to 1940s show beautiful unobscured panoramas from the Summit across the Warburton Valley.

Ben Cairn is on Road C505, which links the Ten Mile Turntable, (on the Mt Donna Buang Rd) and Don Rd. It is unsealed for most of its length and is closed in winter due to snow cover. It's narrow, winding, steep, and rough in parts, passing through forest and ferns.

The Ben Cairn Rd was opened on January 25, 1926.

About 5 km east of Ben Cairn is the Hang Gliding Launching Ramp. Trees have been cut down to allow glider take-off.

This offers superb views across the Upper Yarra Valley towards Melbourne.


1930 Ben Cairn Rd

1930 Ben Cairn Rd

1924 Ben Cairn Rd - fixing a puncture!

c1940 Ben Cairn Rock

c1930 Ben Cairn Rock

Photos by the author taken in 2008

2008 Entrance to Ben Cairn Track

2008 View from Hang Gliding Ramp

2008 View from Hang Gliding Ramp

2008 View from Hang Gliding Ramp

2008 Ben Cairn car park

2008 Hang Gliding Ramp

2008 The Rock, Ben Cairn - compare with 1926 photo above!

2008 Ben Cairn walking track

2008 View from Ben Cairn

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