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Mt Victoria Towers and HF Radio Reception

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Mt Victoria Towers and HF Radio Reception
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2009 View from Lookout towards communications towers on Mt Victoria (public domain image)

2011 Start of Mt Victoria Track (author's photo)

A communications facility is sited on Mt Victoria, 1162 m altitude. 3  km north of Warburton.
The towers broadcast TV and FM transmissions into the Warburton district, as well as mobile, DSE, CFA, amateur radio repeaters and other services.
The towers can be seen from many parts of the Yarra Valley.
The access road, 3 km each way, starts at the Mt Donna Buang Rd near the 10 Mile Turntable, and is also available for walkers. It is snow-covered in winter, and follows the ridge line.
The area was extensively logged and by the mid-1920s, most of the trees had been cut down. Early photos of the region show vast tracts of Mts Donna Buang and Victoria almost entirely denuded of timber.
A network of timber tramways and winches hauled the logs down the mountain to mills at the bottom.
Tha main tramway from Mt Victoria passed features known as "The Pimp", "The Knob", and "The Bump", ending at Robinson's No  1 Mill which operated from 1907 to 1922. This Mill was sited near the Yarra River, not far from the turnoff to Big Pat's Creek Rd.
This tramway crossed the O'Shannassy Aqueduct and a bridge still exists next to the Aqueduct Trail.

1919 Logs being hauled down Mt Victoria at "The Pimple"


To extend my knowledge of high-frequency radio propagation, I have collected data from field monitoring activities since the mid-2000s from my many trips to Mt Donna Buang.
This has been done using quite simple equipment - a portable communications receiver coupled to a random antenna wire of a few metres tossed into a convenient tree!
As the area is relatively free of electrical/people-generated noise, reception has always been excellent during daytime hours, whether summer or winter! My favourite locations are the Summit car-park, the lower car-park, and the Ten Mile Turntable picnic area. 

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