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2005 Mt Boobyalla Track

NOTE! There are no very old heritage images of these bushwalks available  - the images are mine, taken in 2005 on visits to Mt Boobyalla and Mt Victoria..

There are a number of hiking tracks on Mt Donna Buang and nearby.

These include:

Mt Victoria Track to Mt Donna Buang Rd
Starts behind the Golf Course at Warburton at a crosssing over the O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail, then goes up, and up, and up (!), reaching the Mt Donna Buang Rd near the 10 Mile Turntable. This is very steep, rough, and hard.

Mt Boobyalla Track
Starts at the Summit and reaches Mt Boobyalla (2.5 km one way). The track continues on to the Dom Dom Saddle and Acheron Gap - long and narrow. Closed in winter due to snow.

Summit Track to 10 Mile Turntable
Snow covered in winter - 2 km one way. This track joins the Mt Victoria track.and ends at the turntable car park/picnic area

Mt Victoria Track (from Mt Donna Buang Rd)
This starts near the 10 Mile Turntable opposite the walking track from Warburton. It is the management road to the communications towers. Under snow in winter

Cement Creek to Summit
This starts near the old ticket box on the Mt Donna Buang Rd and ends at the Mt Boobyalla Track. The lower section of this track follows the alignment of a an old timber tranway, next to the Cement Creek West Branch. Note: As at the time of writing, May 2011, this track had been permanently closed due to bushfire and storm damage.

2005 Mt Boobyalla Track

2005 Mt Boobyalla Track

2005 Mt Boobyalla Track

2005 Track to Mt Victoria

2005 Track to Mt Victoria

2005 Track to Mt Victoria

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