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1920 Warburton station

Important dates!

1890 Basic Walking track cut from Warburton

1901 Warburton railway opened (November 13)

1903 First timber tramways in operation

1907 Rough bridle track from Warburton opened

1910 Bridle track to Summit opened (became present-day vehicular road)

1911 New track from Warburton opened (November 13)   

 Party ascended mountain on horseback from Warburton (August 5)

1911 New road from Healesville proposed via Ben Cairn (December 15)

1912 New graded bridle/vehicular track opened from Warburton (now the
        present day road to the 10 Mile Turntable picnic area) (April 3)

First lookout tower (wooden) built at summit

1922 Rough track to Ben Cairn built - originally 5', widemed to 15' 

1924 Summit walking track 2.4 m wide constructed by Ski Club (believed to be
        the present day Summit Walking Track)

1924 Huts built by Ski Club of Victoria (site of present-day lower car park)

1925 Well-made road to summit in operation

1926 Dry weather road from Donna Buang to Ben Cairn/Healesville opened
        (January 23)

1926 Serious bushfires on mountain

1928 New steel Lookout tower opened - replaced old wooden structure (January

1929 Skiing and snow sports established at summit (now the presert-day
        toboggan runs)
        Acheron Way opened, between Cement Creek and Narbethong  (January

1930 Warburton Ski Club formed

1932 Serious bushfires on mountain

1933 Large-scale logging ended

1936 Proposal for road to Lookout to be widened

1939 Serious bushfires on Black Friday, January 13,  devastate much of the Mt
        Donna Buang area. Most infrastructure of the Ski Clubs destroyed - surviving
        ski  huts dismantled and moved to Mt Baw Baw and Mt Buller

1941 800 cars visited 10 Mile picnic area in one day for snow (August 11)

        Petrol rationing - public outcry at "exorbitant" use of petrol for ski trips

1952 200 cars visited 10 Mile picnic area in one day for snow (July 3)

1965 Last train to Warburton

Cement Creek Rainforest Gallery and Skywalk opened

2009 February Black Saturday bushfires devastate much of the forest in the
heron Gap and Mt Boobyalla area - several walking tracks around Mt
        Donna Buang destroyed


1905 Warburton

1942 Warburton

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