Silvan Reservoir Pictorial Heritage - 1880 to 2011

Steam Tramway

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Construction 1926-1932
Aerial Ropeway
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Steam Tramway
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The abandoned Second Reservoir
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Locomotive (source: Argus Feb 11, 1930)


The Aerial Ropeway terminated at a site next to the present-day Overflow Carpark. This was the location  of the crushing plant, connected via a 3'6" tramway which carried rock some 2 km from a large quarry opened specifically for the site works. 

Other tramlines joined up with the coal and firewood stores, firewood cutting areas, fitting and repair shops.

The tramway started in 1928 and used steel rails spiked directly to wooden sleepers, and consisted of nine small steam locomotives, wheel configuration 0-4-0T.

Each train consisted of six 3.5 cubic metre capacity dump trucks, built by Perry Engineering of Gawler, SA.. There was also a fleet of 20 all-steel side tipping hoppers, running on four wheels with a wheelbase of five feet. These were built by the Melbourne firm of Malcom Moore Ltd.

The tramway was kept operating for site management, and was decommissioned in 1934. Four of the locos were transferred to the SEC's Yallourn open-cut power station.

Thw five  remaining Silvan locos and trucks were sold for scrap in 1956. Large quantities of rail remained on site, which remain today and used as posts for gate markers.



One of huge scoops used in construction, 1928 (Argus)

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