Silvan Reservoir Pictorial Heritage - 1880 to 2011

Timeline 1880-2010

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Timeline 1880-2010
Historical Background from 1917
Construction 1926-1932
Aerial Ropeway
Aerial Cableway
Steam Tramway
Development after 1932
Modern Era
The abandoned Second Reservoir
Silvan Forest
Reservoir Park
Stonyford Forest Nature Trail
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Strawberry pickers at Silvan c.1929

This is a summary of significant dates in the evolution of the Reservoir.

1914 Widespread drought across Australia - additional water storage needed for Melbourne to complement the O'Shannassy Reservoir opened in 1914

1917 Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works recommended new Reservoir in Silvan area

1926 Work commenced - clearing of large amounts of timber

1926 Outlet control tower built

1926 Aerial Ropeway built to carry materials from Mt Evelyn to site

1927 Main control outlet conduit built

Tramway (3' 6' gauge) built to transport materials from quarry to site, using nine small steam locomotives - kept running until 1934
for site management

1928 Excavation of cornwall trench

1930 "White House" (administration works centre) built
1931 Storage of water commenced

1931 Planting of pines, blackwoods, silver wattles, willows

1932 Official opening of Reservoir
1933 Proposal to build a second Reservoir abandoned

1934 All nine tramway locomotives placed in storage on site

1942 Four of the tramway locomotives were moved to Yallourn open-cut power station
1945 Bypass commenced - inlet and outlets
1953 Upper Yarra Dam to Silvan Reservoir pipeline opened

1955 Remaining five tramnway locomotives sold for scrap

1972 Silvan to Olinda main opened - outlet channels decommissioned
1980 New main pipeline opened to Olinda and  Mt Waverley

Streeton painting c1931

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