Silvan Reservoir Pictorial Heritage - 1880 to 2011

The abandoned Second Reservoir

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The abandoned Second Reservoir
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Map showing proposed location (green shading) of the second Silvan Reservoir

In 1930, the Government has proposed to build a second reservoir, very close to the main reservoir, which was to be knowen as "Silvan Reservoir 2".

It was to augment the main reservoir

It would have been a lake of some 300 hectares, consuming about 800 hectares of forest, to occupy the area surrounding the Lyrebird Creek, Rifle Range Gully Creek, and the Olinda Creek.

A "tourist road" along the edge of the new reservoir was planned.

This would have requured the compulsory acqusition of private property and small farms adjacent to what is now the Olinda Creek Rd.

There was striong and sustained public resentment of the proposal, which was subsequently abandoned.


Site of the original ford over Stonyford Creek

The Reservoir, from Woolrich Lookout 2011

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