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About the Author, and his Photo Galleries
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Jan 2014 - author on Gardiner's Creek Trail, Heathmont

This Heritage Study is a work by Bob Padula, OAM, of Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia.
Bob is a Chartered Professional Communications Engineer, (RMIT University), holding the rank of Life Member, Institution of Engineers (Austraiia), providing specialized technical consultancy services and authorship in the field of international high frequency broadcasting

He also has a keen interest in hiking, bushwalking, coastal walking, and light railway history, and exploring the mountains around Melbourne, activities which support his involvement in amateur photography.

Bob is a member of the Australian Light Railway Research Society, Bushwalking Victoria, and the Great Dividing Trail Association.

His affinity for research into the history of the Forests, Timber Mills, and Water Supply Systems to the east of Melbourne is reflected in his authorship of several popular on-line Heritage Projects about those themes.

*** His on-line autobiography may be viewed at "Looking Back - 1939 to 2011"

The author also maintains several free Photo Websites dedicated to his travels.

His latest on-line Engineering Research Study is "The History of Short wave Broadcasting in Australia"

Bob Padula

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This Gallery displays the most recent images taken by the author on a Smartphone, using the Instagram application.