Mt Dandenong Tourist Road - history

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Mt Dandenong Tourist Road - history
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1873 - logging in Dandenongs

The Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd was opened in 1921, linking Montrose Village with Upper Ferntree Gully.
It was built mainly by returned servicemen from WWI in the years from 1918.
Its introduction was associated with the appearance of many guest-houses, restaurants and small shops in towns through which it passed, making the mountain accessible by something known as the "motor car" which had started to appear in Melbourne!
Prior to that. access was from Sheffield Rd to Five Ways (Kalorama), on the Coach Rd, which subsequently was renamed the Old Coach Rd.

1940s - Coach Rd to Kalorama

1920s - the new Tourist Rd near Kalorama

1919 - the new tourist road near Kalorama

1910 - Jeeves coach on Coach Rd

2013 - map showing Old Coach Rd

Descent of Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd between Kalorama and Montrose filmed using Ion Air Pro HD action sports video camera mounted under the handlebars of a bike.

You will see the site  of the Railway, and you can pause the Video and jump off your bike and inspect it!
(From YouTube, Video published Nov 13 2013, created by alanbluengrey)