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As discussed elsewhere in this Project, the Railway ceased operations in 1961 due to non-compliance with safety requirements.
The images on these "After the Closure" pages were supplied by John Thompson, February 2014, who has kindly agreed to their publication in this Website. John is a member of the Light Railway Research Society of Australia.  
Overview (based on information from John Thompson)
In January 1965, approval was sought and received from the property owner for the dismantling and removal of the old rails.
The work was undertaken by a team led by the late Ron Kain - John Thompson, a friend of Ron, participated in the recovery work. Ron had intended to use the rails for construction of another scenic railway, 7.25 inches gauge, around his large sloping hillside property in Sandells Rd, Tecoma.
The dismantling work was undertaken in tbe first quarter of 1965; the rails were slid down the hill and loaded on to a large tandem trailer, then taken to the Tecoma property, where they were stacked and stored. 
The proposed Tecoma railway never eventuated and the owner sold the property and moved to live in Walhalla, where he started the Walhalla and Thomson River Steam Tramway project.
It is not known what happened to the rails.

1965 - vegetation has grown (John Thompson)