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1919 Oriental Mine at Wandiligong

Wandiligong is a small historic village which lies 6 kilometres south of Bright.
 The holiday town of Wandiligong was the site of a small gold rush during the mid-1850s which saw the town's population climb to over 2,000. The whole town is now registered with the National Trust as a classified landscape and features historical buildings such as the Manchester Unity public hall (built in 1874), the general store, several churches and a number of quaint cottages.

The town itself is set in a picturesque valley surrounded by forests and mountain ranges. Morses Creek runs through Wandiligong and features a walking track which follows the course of the river, extending all the way to the town of Bright.

Wandiligong's gold history can be explored at "The Diggings" which is accessed via Centenary Avenue. "The Diggings" was the site of extensive mining and has been beautified with walking tracks and several footbridges across both Morses Creek and Growlers Creek. 

A highlight of the area is the Chinese Swing Bridge which is a tribute to the large number of Chinese who lived in the Wandiligong area during its gold rush days. A popular scenic drive is south along Morses Creek Road, past the iconic Wandi Pub, across Morses Creek and through a valley lined with fruit orchards and farms. A drive along School Road is also worthwhile, passing in front of the Wandiligong Primary School (established in 1860) and along a scenic ridge which provides good views west across the town with forested mountains providing a stunning backdrop.

1909 Wandiligong

1905 Wandiligong

2010* Wandiligong DIggings Track

2010* Wandiligong site of old diggings

2010* Wandiligong - site of old diggings

2010* Wandiligong - Bessie Memorial Hut

2010* Wandiligong Diggings site

2010* Wandiligong DIggings Track

2010* Wandiligong DIggings Track - info board

2010* Wandiligong - Alpine Park

2010* Wandiligong DIggings - Chinese Bridge

2010* Wandiligong DIggings - bridge over Morses Creek

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