Bright Pictorial Heritage 1850 to 2011

Historical Timeline

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Brief History of Bright
Historical Timeline
Old Tobacco Sheds and Gold Museum
Boys' Camp
Bright Cemetery
Courthouse and Lockup
Beautiful Trees in Bright
Memorial Arboretum
Gold Mining
Canyon Gold Sluicing Site
Freeburgh and Germantown
Baker's Gully Reserve
Bright Railway 1890 to 1983
Early Horseraces
Early Miniature Car Races
Huggin's Lookout
Clear Spot, Apex, Tower Hill Lookouts
Walking Tracks
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1905 Street scene in Bright - former Post Office

1853 Gold discovered in Bright
1861 Cour
house opened
1863 Cemetery established
1865 Freeburgh school opened
1866 Shire proclaimed - tree planting scheme announced
1870 First planting of trees
1870 Lockup opened
1870 Bright Racing Club formed
1870 Huggins Lookout opened
1878 Temperence Hotel at Porepunkah opened
1887 Tourism started
1889 Freeburgh Hotel opened
1890 Opening of Bright railway from Myrtleford
1892 First reservoir opened at Bakers Gully
1901 Freeburgh Post Office opened
1912 Second reservoir opened at Bakers Gully
1913 First pine plantations
1913 Monier Bridge at Porepunkah opened
1915 Porepunkah Bridge opened
1915 Freeburgh Bridge opened
1922 Clear Spot Lookout opened
1934 Centenary Park established
1938 Pioneer Park established
1939 Horse racing ended
1940 Termperence Hotel at Porepunkah closed
1944 Boys' Camp started
1948 Freeburgh School closed
Car racing track started
1980 Tree Walk opened
1983 Bright Railway closed
1984 Memorial Arboretum opened

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