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2006 - Pigging Project

1803 - Beginnings
1892 - Surrey Hills Reservoirs
1911 - Design and Construction
1911 - The O'Shannassy Weir
1914 - Maintenance and Operations
1923 - Bushfires, Landslips, and Floods
1924 - Modifications and Enlargements
1927 - Silvan Dam
1927 - Mt Evelyn Aqueduct
1928 - The O'Shannassy Reservoir
1929 - Upper Yarra Conduits
1931 - Silvan Inlet Aqueduct
1996 - Decommissioning
2006 - Pigging Project
2007 - O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Overview
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Parrot Rd to Don Rd
O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail - Don Road to Dee Rd
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2006 - Pigging project

2006 - Pigging Project

Part of the old aqueduct near O'Shannassy Weir came into use for a brief period during the 'pigging' (cleaning) of the pipes from O'Shannassy Reservoir in 2006.

Build up inside the pipes over time had reduced the water flow from O'Shannassy considerably and it was determined that the most cost effective option was to clean the pipes (rather then duplicate or replace them).

However, this meant blocking the pipes and shutting off water flows for a period of time. The abandoned O'Shannassy aqueduct was used as temporary storage basin the receive water discharge during pigging.  A series of permeable weirs were installed at 100m intervals along the aqueduct to enable water to pass, but trap sediment.  An impermeable weir was installed some 400m from the stilling basin to prevent waters flowing into the continuing aqueduct length. 

The pigging project was a success and the pipeline flow capacity was markedly increased.


The Pig

Map showing the Pigging project location

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