The Mont Albert District - a Pictorial History 1830 to 2013

1883 - Residential Heritage Precinct

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1882 - Phantom Railways to Doncaster
1883 - Residential Heritage Precinct
1884 - Broughton Park subdivsion
1884 - Brickworks
1885 - Surrey Hills district - map
1888 - Football Clubs
1889 - Gas Supply and Gasworks
1889 - Doncaster Electric Tramway and Tower
1890 - Mont Albert Railway Station
1892 - Surrey Hills Golf Club
1892 - Water Supply, Reservoirs and Sewerage
1899 - Telephone Services
1905 - The Surrey Dive
1907 - Scouts and Guides
1912 - Mont Albert Village Shopping Precinct
1914 - Mont Albert Progress Association
1916 - Californian Bungalows
1917 - Schools
1917 - Wattle Park
1924 - Early Shortwave Broadcasting from the Surrey Hills district
1924 - Black's Estate
1925 - Bus Services
1929 - Tramways
1930 - Cricket Clubs in Mont Albert
1930s - Balwyn - Beckett Park Bonfires and Wildlife Sanctuary
1948 - Grange Tennis Courts
1957 - Pioneer Park
1961 - Surrey Hills Communications Tower
1981 - Box Hill Miniature Railway
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There are several Residential Precincts within Mont Albert, as part of Whitehorse. 
  • Mont Albert Residential Precinct
  • Black's Estate Residential Precinct
  • Mont Albert Shopping Centre Residential Precinct
  • Churchill St Residential Precinct

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Residential Heritage Precincts in Mont Albert

The Mont Albert Residential Precinct is of considerable aesthetic and historic significance.

Aesthetically, the precinct contains a large number of substantially intact houses dating from the Victorian, Edwardian and inter-War periods.

The historically important remnant Victorian Houses are complemented by a large number of Edwardian and Inter-War houses exhibiting a range of interesting stylistic characteristics.

Most of the houses display a particularly high level of intactness. Historically, the precinct represents the three major phases of development of the
Mont Albert area.

The precinct also has historical associations with Matthew Davies’ Freehold and Investment Banking Company, important nineteenth century property speculators.


Characteristics of the precinct

The blocks are generally very large, with relatively wide frontages.


The housing stock in the precinct dates predominantly from the nineteenth century and the first three decades of the twentieth century.

There are a small number of houses dating from the original Windsor Park subdivision (1883) on the west side of Wolseley Street. These are mostly single storey symmetrical block-fronted timber villas with corrugated iron hipped roofs and iron verandahs.


The Edwardian houses in the precinct date from the subdivisions of 1906 and 1907, and are generally large, asymmetrically-planned villas.


Most are red brick, with common decoration including carved timber verandah friezes and turned timber posts, half-timbered gable-ends, decorative window hoods, terracotta ridge capping and chimney pots, and towers.


To the north of the railway line a wide range of inter-War styles is represented. There are several large bungalow style residences in Zetland Road. Also represented is the English Domestic Revival style particularly in High Street.


A number of the streets within the precinct, including Trafalgar Street and Victoria Crescent, have mature exotic street planting. Elsewhere in the street, planting is less prominent.


Many houses have traditionally planted private gardens, some with hedges.


There are bluestone kerbs and gutters in Marlborough and Gordon Streets.

2013 - The Mont Albert Residential Precinct (shown in yellow)

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