The Mont Albert District - a Pictorial History 1830 to 2013


Indigenous Heritage
Geology and Topography
Vegetation and Fauna
Climate and Hydrology
1840s to 1870s
1850s - Parish of Nunawading
1852 - Whitehorse Inn
1861 - Postal Services
1880s - Electricity Supply
1880s to 1920s
1882 - Phantom Railways to Doncaster
1883 - Residential Heritage Precinct
1884 - Broughton Park subdivsion
1884 - Brickworks
1885 - Surrey Hills district - map
1888 - Football Clubs
1889 - Gas Supply and Gasworks
1889 - Doncaster Electric Tramway and Tower
1890 - Mont Albert Railway Station
1892 - Surrey Hills Golf Club
1892 - Water Supply, Reservoirs and Sewerage
1899 - Telephone Services
1905 - The Surrey Dive
1907 - Scouts and Guides
1912 - Mont Albert Village Shopping Precinct
1914 - Mont Albert Progress Association
1916 - Californian Bungalows
1917 - Schools
1917 - Wattle Park
1924 - Early Shortwave Broadcasting from the Surrey Hills district
1924 - Black's Estate
1925 - Bus Services
1929 - Tramways
1930 - Cricket Clubs in Mont Albert
1930s - Balwyn - Beckett Park Bonfires and Wildlife Sanctuary
1948 - Grange Tennis Courts
1957 - Pioneer Park
1961 - Surrey Hills Communications Tower
1981 - Box Hill Miniature Railway
Koonung Creek Parklands
Heritage Notes
Mont Albert Road - Early History
Mont Albert Rd - the East End
Elgar Rd - north and south of Mont Albert Rd
Mont Albert Rd - View St to Elgar Rd
Bushland Reserves
Service Associations
Sporting Clubs
Box Hill Institute of TAFE
Walking Trails
The Author's Websites
References and Acknowledgements

This Timeline is a chronological listing of principal events and activities described in the Project, concentrating on Mont Albert and Mont Albert North


1830s Wright leased land in Box Hill



1840s Lower Nunawading Rd existed

1840 First Surveys

1841 First land purchase by Elgar 5120 acres

1842 Elgars Special Survey

1841 Survey Rd became Mount Albert Rd (Mont)

1845 Delany's Farm existed on West Creek, (Main Creek Rd, Boroondara)



1850 Delany's Rd was a main transport route

1850 Race meetings held at Broughton Rd

1850 First sales of land in Box Hill

1850s Land boom – big subdivisions – dairies built

1851 Barker's Track became Greatt Gippsland Rd

1852 Cobb and Co Coach Inn cnr Whitehorse and Elgar Rds

1853 Large tracts of land sold from Crown Lands - some farms – some held for speculation south Surrey Hills

1853 Survey map shows the only house in Surrey Hills district as Delany's, near Pine St/Broughton Rd

1856 Delany's Rd named after Delany's Hotel


1860 Surrey Hills was a property north of Mont Albert Rd, between Union and Balwyn Rds

1864 Nunawading District Rd Board started


Wattle Park established

1873 Delany's Rd renamed Canterbury Rd

1873 Boundary Rd became Warragul Rd

1878 Surrey Hills was a 30 acres subdivision – Mont Albert and Union Rds

1879 Surrey Hills - first roads formed



1880 Brickworks existed in Kingston Rd, Elgar Rd, Mont Albert Rd

1880 Surrey Dive clayhole existed

1880 Surrey Park - known as Haughton's Paddock used for bullocks

1880 Surrey Hills Anglican church opened in Mont Albert Rd - later St Georges Church

1882 Surrey Hills observation tower built in Canterbury Rd
1882 Line opened between Camberwell and Ringwood

1883 Surrey Hills station opened

1883 to 1889 Land sales of many estates in district

1885 Haughtons Brickworks proposed a tramway to Box Hill rail sidings

1886 Surrey Hills Anglican Church built (Mont Albert Rd)

1888 Gas lamps started in Union Rd
1888 Rail line duplicated between Camberwell and Box Hill

1889 Gas Works in Elgar Rd started
1889 Electric tramline from Box Hill to Doncaster opened



1890 Rail station opened, under  the name "Mount Albert", later changed to Mont Albert

1890 Mont Albert station opened

1891 Surrey Hills No. 1 reservoir built

1892 Surrey Hills Golf Club started

1893 "Lugarno" home in Mont Albert Rd built



1909 Surrey Dive opened
1909 Surrey Hills Scout Patrol formed



1911 East end of south side of Mont Albert Rd subdivided

1913 Surrey Hills No1 2 reservoir opened
1914 Mont Albert Progress Association formed

1916 Tram extended to Warragul Rd

1916 Tram extended to Union Rd along Whitehorse Rd

1917 Wattle Park opened

1917 Mont Albert State School opened


1920 Rowland St land sale

1921 Box Hill Kappa Sigma Phi Cricket Club formed

1922 Californian Bungalows appeared
1922 Line electrified between Flinders St and Box Hill
1924 Shortwave two-way broadcasts from Surrey Hills
1924 Black's Estate Auction

1925 Tram extended to Elgar Rd
1926 Bus service started Box Hill to CBD

1926 - a new house numbering scheme was introduced in Mont Albert Rd

1929 Water tower built - Canterbury Rd
1929 Bus service started from Box Hill to Mentone
1929 Electr
ic tramway started, CBD to Mont Albert (Union Rd)


1930 Mont Albert Cricket Club formed
1935 Bus service started from Box Hill to Hawthorn Bridge

1936 Ormiston House opened



1940 Balwyn Wildlife Park opened - horse and dray from Mont Albert tram terminus

1947 Bus service started Box Hill to Mordialloc

1948 Grange Tennis Courts opened



1957 Pioneer Park (Box Hill) opened



1961 Surrey Hills Radio Tower opened (Canterbury Rd)
1964 Koonung Secondary College op


1971 Third rail track added between East Camberwell and Box Hill



1981 Box Hill Miniature Railway opened in Elgar Park



1993 Mont Albert Probus Club started



2003 Tramway extended from Union Rd to Box Hill station

2004 Mont Albert Rotary Club formed

2006 Elgar Park Cricket Club formed

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