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1930 - Cricket Clubs in Mont Albert

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1930 - Cricket Clubs in Mont Albert
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2013 - Mont Albert Park

Mont Albert Cricket Club
The Mont Albert Cricket Club was formed in 1930 although its origins can be traced to the early 1920's.

From 1930 - 1936 the Club competed in the Box Hill Reporter & District Cricket Competition. However, in 1937, it joined the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Association (now known as the Eastern Cricket Association) and, today, the Club is the fourth oldest Club in the Eastern Cricket Association. Significantly, Mont Albert is the only Club which has continuously participated in the top grade - now known as the Dunstan Shield - of the Competition.

The Mont Albert Cricket Club is based at Mont Albert Reserve. Throughout the various grades it has won 48 Premierships. The First XI has won ten Premierships most recently in season 2009-10 with "back-to-back" Premierships in 1938-39; 1939-40; in 1961-62; 1962-63 and, again, in 1997-98 and 1998-99. In 1959-60 and in 2005-06 and again in 2006-07 the First XI was runner-up. The Second XI was runner-up in Season 2008-09 and the Third XI were runners up in Season 2010-11.

Most importantly, Mont Albert Cricket Club is recognised as an innovative; well-administered and successful Club. The Club's administration was recognised by the ECA in Season 2008-09  and 2009-10 when the Club won the "Best Administered Club" Award in the ECA.

Dunstan Medals have been won eight times by Mont Albert players with Noel King winning three and Len Williams two. Len Williams was also runner-up three times.

The Dave Dickie Cup has been won twice (by Len Willim and Tim Wright) and the Perc Richardson Trophy has been won once by Mont Albert cricketers.

Four Mont Albert players have been awarded Life Membership by the ECA - Geoff Mair (1959), Ron Hodge (1988); Garnet Armstrong (1993) and Richard Barker (2006). Three players have had ECA Grade Competition Shields named after them - Garnet Armstrong (C Grade Turf), Geoff Mair (E Grade Turf) and Richard Barker (Under 12). Since the late 1980's the Club has fielded between 2 and 10 junior teams each season.

The Club currently fields five Senior X1's, four Veterans X1's and eight Junior X1's.

Mont Albert Cricket Club has over 300 members, the vast majority of whom live within the City of Whitehorse.

Elgar Park Cricket Club
In 1921, the Box Hill Kappa Sigma Phi Cricket Club was founded, and in the the 1920s was renamed to the Box Hill Church of Christ Cricket Ckub. In 2006, it became the Elgar Park Cricket Club.
It maintains a strong relationship with the Box Hill North Football Club, as part of the Elgar Park Sporting Club.

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