Dandenong Police Paddocks and Churchill NP - Pictorial Heritage 1837 to 2017

History of Melbourne
Early Settlement
1837 Native Police Corps 1837-1838, 1843-1853
Westernport Aboriginal Protectorate 1840-1843
1840 Tirhatuan Land
1853 Victoria Police Horse Stud Depot 1853-1930
1893 Belgrave-Dandenong Pipeline
1912 Scoresby Tramway
1920s Churchill National Park - the Lagoon
1941 Churchill National Park
1915 - Dandenong Aqueduct
1946 Heany Park Lake
1942-1946 Rowville Military Camp
1964-1965 Jamboree - Information
1964-65 Jamboree - The Site
1964-1965 Jamboree Site Plan
1964-65 Jamboree - the Logistics!
1964-65 Jamboree - Around the Camp
1964-1965 Jamboree Action (Part 1)
1964-1965 Jamboree Action (Part 2)
1964-65 Jamboree Action (Part 3)
1964-1965 Jamboree Actions (Part 4)
1964-65 Jamboree Visitors' Days
1964-65 Jamboree - Religious Observances
1964-65 Jamboree Internal Roadways
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Baden Powell Drive
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Clifford Park Drive
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Frankston Drive
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Belair Avenue
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Greenbank Avenue
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Greystanes Crescent
1964-65 Jamboree Roadways - Lansdowne Rd
1964-65 Jamboree Movie Show!
Woodland Walk and Lagoon
Road History - Police Rd
Road History - Brady Road
1964-65 Jamboree - Shopping and Exhibition Area
Road History - Stud Rd Precinct
Southern Police Paddocks Land
Road History - Churchill Park Drive
Road History - Gladstone Rd
Road History - Heatherton Road
Road History - Power Road
Scout Camps and Reserves
Melbourne Water Retarding Basin
Narrandjeri Wurundjeri Park
Walking Tracks
Proposals and Plans
Suggestions for Investigation and correction
About the Author
About the Author

Native Police 1864 (SLV)


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This Website is authored by Bob Padula, OAM, of Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia, and is a Pictorial History Research project.

It is a journey, through space and time, chronicling the history, heritage and evolution of the Dandenong Police Paddocks and the Churchill National Park, 30 km south east of Melbourne.

The Project includes many public-domain out-of-copyright images, copies of etchings and photographs (dating back to the 1830s), maps, audio/visual content, supplemented by recent on-site imagery taken by the author.

The textual content and articles describe the events and activities depicted in the photographs.

There are several Chapters devoted to the 7th Australian National Scout Jamboree held over nine days in the 1964-65 New Year Holiday period, attended by 16,000 scouts.

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Please let the author know what you think about this site - there is a neat little Guest Book elsewhere on this page for your comments and reactions, or you could Email the author direct!

The author hopes that you enjoy this wonderful journey!
Bob Padula,
December 2017

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Police Paddocks - etching of 1855 (SLV)

State Troopers - 1850 (SLV)


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